Halloween 2018


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Welp, everyone deserves at least one good scare, right? While we all wait for IT 2019, at least we'll be getting some iconic horror in the form of the return of Michael Meyers October 19th!

Set in a new timeline (...There are several already) where Michael was caught the same night, and locked up. Lauri has grown up to be a spitfire granny in Haddonfield, planning for the day where Michael might return. At the same time a true-crime documentary team comes to town to capitalize on the story, and wouldn't you know it, Michael comes back.

It's up in the air in terms of quality: it IS Blumhouse, but it's reported to be R (That's a nice change) and of course even the worst film has a gem for however long Jamie Lee Curtis is on screen.


Footage was shown at Cinemacon, and the descriptions are spawning some...Divisive responses.

But feck, I'm hyped. Bring it on!


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Read an early review on it and it wasn't good which is a shame as I was looking forward to this also.


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Read an early review on it and it wasn't good which is a shame as I was looking forward to this also.
Can you point me towards it?

Horror fans are just as easily polarized as any other fandom, and the Halloween fandom is a particular hotbed of hyper-critical reactions due to how much the whole damned thing has sucked. A lot of us hold the first two (Or at leas the first) in very high regard.

But I find myself unusually forgiving of slashers somehow. Guilty pleasure I guess.
It was really good. I was never the biggest Meyers fan (don't really enjoy the whole silent force of nature thing), but I thoroughly enjoyed this.


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In the original, Michael homes in on Lauri and her friends because they seemed to remind him of his sister. His original M.O seemed to be trying to relive that night, and kill anything along the way that got in the way of that. He was very precise in stalking the girls for a long while.

By contrast Michael is kind of just floating along. Even when he sees Lauri he sorta just goes "...You seem familiar" before fleeing to...wander around more.
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