Happy Holidays, TLS

When should we run the TLS Christmas Par-tay ?

  • 21st (Friday)

    Votes: 8 50.0%
  • 23rd (Sunday)

    Votes: 11 68.8%
  • 24th (Monday)

    Votes: 5 31.3%

  • Total voters
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Right, so there’s been vague talks of running a Christmas/Holliday Party for TLS and I'm starting this thread to settle a date, a time, and the activities that are going to be run on the day so that we know what we're doing n shit.

Naturally, my lazy ass was like "lmfao we can just do a repeat of the anniversary party" which was basically an all day affair filled with trivia and Jackbox games, but I thought I better open this thread to see if we can't snag some more inspired ideas.

What I wanna do is gather some ideas and suggestions over the next few days and then on Wednesday mebbe, I'll cook up a survey and have folks vote on the activities they want to do on the day. Only those activities with more than 50% of the vote will be considered.

~ The ~ Time ~
Ideally, I'd want this party to be ran on the 21st (Friday), but I'm working this week. I'd opt to have it hosted in the evening, but Fridays are always a tossup for me. Some days I leave the daycare as early as 3:00, and other days I'm only getting home at 8:00. However, if folks are truly determined to have it run on this day, I can consider arranging something with my boss to assure that I WILL be home in time to run an event that lasts a few hours.

The 22nd is a no go for me because that's when I'm running the Movie Night event.

That leaves us with the 23rd and the 24th as the only other days that I'm willing to run an event, as I have to get ready to leave town on the 25th. I reckon I'll go ahead and put a poll for the best day in this thread and decide on activities later. I'll make it multiple choice bc if you can make it to multiple days, great! Oh, yeah, Australia don't forget to consider the next day when voting on these dates lmao :okay:

~ The ~ Activities ~
Here are some suggestions for a fun, sexy time:

- Jackbox Games
- One or two rounds of TLS Jeopardy (Christmas Edition) on rabbit.
- Viewing a movie on rabbit.
- Drunkenly singing along to Christmas songs on rabbit.
- Holiday Pictionary

vote pls
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If it's on a day that I'll be home, I reckon I'll try to run them for a good chunk of the day to maximise the opportunity for folks to drop in. Something close to 10 - 12 hours? So in EST it would be around ~10:00 to 22:00. But I'll have this shit set in stone as we draw closer to the day. (。・ω・。)ノ

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Oh nooooooOoOoOOOoooo that weekend is sooooo bad for me! :tired: I'm SO sad!! I always hear crazy things about the holiday party noooooo :tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy: and I wasn't able to stay long for the Anniversary party!

If it's on Christmas Eve I might be able to pop in while getting ready for family stuff...:weary:


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Me three on the crazy time, that's the busiest time of the year at work along with New Year's. I definitely can't do the 24th, I have work during the day and family in the evening. I'm going out on the 23rd but if that's the date that works for most people, I'll make sure to get home early enough to be with you guys for the end of the party. On the 21st I get off work at 6PM AST and after that I'm free to join in.

Game suggestions, we could do some sort of Holiday pictionary, guessing Christmas movies, songs etc. I'll also gladly share more difficult and embarrassing member trivia for Jeopardy.

I'm excited, this is gonna be great.


Coo coo coo, after a full day, it looks like majority of voters (with 9 outta 14) can make it on 23rd Sunday:joy:

That means I’m going to be expecting at least 9 people total in attendance should it continue to lead :watchingu::watchingu::watchingu:

You good folk can keep voting, but I reckon I’m going to go ahead and plan for an all day affair Sunday and release the “What Da Fuck We Doin’!?” survey tomorrow instead of Wednesday. If folks are still down to hang on Friday (since at least 50% of voters will be free), I’mma see about arranging a smol hangout where we’ll just play Jackbox Games for a couple of hours but leave the fancier shit (Jeopardy, Pictionary, etc) for Sunday.

Merci beaucoup!
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