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Hi guys( and gals.)

Blue Dragonfly

Rookie Adventurer
It is almost 1 year that i joined Ffvii
Ive seen advant children as a teenage back then and really didnt understand what was going on there.
But i started to play it last year. It was fun at this moment i made one of my friends to play it too and he is now stuck in shinra elevator with the gaint Robot😁😁😁
Anyway. My favorate Ch are Tifa and Vincent.
I do enjoy Remake and OG in same time.
My languge is not English so if you see any wrong writing, just be like Reeve.
Dont be hard on me😅
I am glad to find you guys and i am very intrested to talk about FFvii


astray ay-ay-ay
Welcome to TLS! And high five from an ESL speaker to an ESL speaker.
Warm greetings from the Mordorland a.k.a. Russia :joy:

And now it's time for an important question for all newcomers.
Moogles or chocobos? :awesome:

Erotic Materia

Moogles or chocobos?
No pressure. Just don't choose wrong.
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