How did Seph/Jenova get the Masamune back?


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Was just thinking about this since it happens to be where I'm at in writing Lifestream, but I was wondering how Jenova-posing-as-Sephiroth got the Masamune back after sticking it into President Shinra and pulling an Elvis (leaving the building)? Is it really just a piece of Jenova made to look like the sword? I'm guessing it's not the real one because Seph had it with him when he fell into the lifestream. So would this one have just disappeared once Cloud and co. left and it had served its purpose (to goad them into following what they thought was Sephiroth)?


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He has the ability to summon it to it's location. The real Sephiroth doesn't have it with him when we see him at the Northern Crater either.


Author of FFVII: Lifestream & FFVII: Reflections
Ah ok, I'd forgotten about that. Thanks! :)

Sephirelvis singing to the tune of Nothin' But a Hound Dog:
I ain't nothin' but Jeno-va... oh oh oh oh...
Just callin' down the Mete-or... oh oh oh oh...

Thank ya very much! Come get a free slayin' with your ticket!
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Which is nonsense. Why all the hassle with Jenova when he can make things appear out of "spirit energy". Please fix it, Remake.


Author of FFVII: Lifestream & FFVII: Reflections
Which is nonsense. Why all the hassle with Jenova when he can make things appear out of "spirit energy". Please fix it, Remake.
Well, remember, the point of calling Jenova to him was to trick Cloud into thinking she was Seph so that he'd chase after what he thought was Seph and bring the real Seph the Black Materia. He can't just make the Black Materia appear out of nowhere, after all. And he can't make just anything appear, either. Only inanimate objects like the Masamune.

And I don't think the Remake will get rid of Cait, Roger. Like it or not, he's part of the crew. He and Reeve show that Shinra isn't some monolithic entity where everyone is an evil megalomaniac like the other execs and that some people there are good and decent and try to do what they believe to be right despite being trapped and overruled as they often are in that place. Cait/Reeve doing what he did as a spy for Shinra was probably more because Reeve didn't like what Cloud and the rest had done with the reactors and all the collateral damage that caused than because he agreed with the agenda of the other execs, which we know he didn't. He cared about the people of Midgar and probably felt initially that AVALANCHE needed to be stopped for that reason until he came to understand them better later on and became a double agent for them. I hope the remake expands on this and really shows us the dilemma of his position. I can see reworking Cait's combat mechanics a bit to make him more usable, but the character himself should remain.
Maybe every time we see Sephiroth after the Nibelheim's flashback it's actually a hallucination created by "Jenova" (which I consider to be actually the spirit of the planet). She would be able to create individual and collective hallucinations through spiritual energy let's say.
Ifalna :
...I can't explain it very well, but it's like having a conversation with the Planet...
Ifalna :
I'm all right... When the Cetra... were preparing to part with the land they loved...
That's when it appeared!
It looked like... our... our dead mothers... and our dead brothers. Showing us spectres of their past.
Cloud has many individual hallucinations such as in the sleeping forest at the time of Aerith's departure, or in his last fight against "Sephiroth". There are other moments where several characters see Sephiroth together, that would be collective hallucinations.
In the Remake's trailer it seems to me that we see Cloud having an hallucination kind of like in real space/time.

Masamune would still be stored somewhere in the Shinra Tower
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Who says he did?

We don't see him use a sword again until the temple, and he substituted in a convenient giant tree for the Zolom. Plenty of time to get a replacement, especially if he could raid his fanclub giftshops.

My original headcanon was that Sephiroth posessed a Sephiroth Copy in Hojo's lab that hadn't been released, and it came complete with a cheap imitation Masamune. He had a new one made by Mythril weapons dealer guy when he got that far.
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