I don't know... how to PM anymore...


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I'm sure I've done it since the forum changeover. I'm seeing start conversation as an option but that looks public? Halp!

Cat on Mars

Actually not a cat
What Ody said. When you click the envelope icon, you'll get a menu called "Conversations".howtoPM.png

Also,you can hover over any user avatar and you'll see a pop-up with several options, one of them is "Start conversation".
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Cat on Mars

Actually not a cat
why can't u reply to profile comments?
But you can! Look, I highlighted the button:
howtocomment on profiles.png
Now, if you're talking about individual comments in nested replies, then no. You can't do that.

you can't use attachments in PMs
True. I don't know if this Xenforo version allows it (I think it doesn't), but we don't have the required permissions to do that.
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