i'm playing ffvii in spanish


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there’s a weird error in the ps4 port, not sure if it appears in other languages or on other consoles, but on the screen with the little corner path between wall market and the park next to the sector 7 gate (where you see tifa on a chocobo carriage), if you check the triangle menu for the location name (which i try to do at every chance to check names because i am here 👏 to 👏 learn 👏) it just shows a seemingly meaningless string of letters and characters. is this a remnant of untranslated text converted into code? did a tired translator just mash the keyboard instead?

i have a screen cap of it but it’s at home where i am not so i can’t do much with that right now
FFVII PSX Spanish version have the same strings.

And for PC version if you open Sflevel.lgp file you can see only akao:

I'll send copy of the files to @Shademp , maybe he can give us best technical answer for this case.


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The Kalm flashback is probably one of the most memorable and interesting things I've come across in the videogame medium, haha. It's a wonderful display of providing engaging story, smart direction, narrative trickery, etc. Few games display that kind of craft even today, I'd say.

With all that said...it can drag if you're replaying the game, sure. It's not a short sequence, so it's hard to sit through the entire thing. But aside from replaying tedium, I think it's superb.
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