i'm playing ffvii in spanish


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there’s a weird error in the ps4 port, not sure if it appears in other languages or on other consoles, but on the screen with the little corner path between wall market and the park next to the sector 7 gate (where you see tifa on a chocobo carriage), if you check the triangle menu for the location name (which i try to do at every chance to check names because i am here 👏 to 👏 learn 👏) it just shows a seemingly meaningless string of letters and characters. is this a remnant of untranslated text converted into code? did a tired translator just mash the keyboard instead?

i have a screen cap of it but it’s at home where i am not so i can’t do much with that right now
FFVII PSX Spanish version have the same strings.
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The Kalm flashback is probably one of the most memorable and interesting things I've come across in the videogame medium, haha. It's a wonderful display of providing engaging story, smart direction, narrative trickery, etc. Few games display that kind of craft even today, I'd say.

With all that said...it can drag if you're replaying the game, sure. It's not a short sequence, so it's hard to sit through the entire thing. But aside from replaying tedium, I think it's superb.

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i am back on this (sorting through screencaps i took to look into later, which actually means 'cap every bit of text i see')

what's the 's.a.' in 'shinra s.a.' stand for, is it 'sociedad anónima' or 'sociedad por acciones'? i feel like anónima seems more common but i have only spent like 15 seconds googling it
What's the context?

Edit: never mind, it's definitely sociedad anónima (I just learned a new term today)
i am back on this (sorting through screencaps i took to look into later, which actually means 'cap every bit of text i see')

what's the 's.a.' in 'shinra s.a.' stand for, is it 'sociedad anónima' or 'sociedad por acciones'? i feel like anónima seems more common but i have only spent like 15 seconds googling it
Very definitely, "Sociedad Anónima"!


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lord help me

i put a spanish song on my phone i heard before (i hadn't listened to it in ages because it reminds me of a terrible date i went on years ago lol), and i was impressed with myself by how much i understood/think i understood. then i thought of this thread again and how i ought to come back to it.

also i just bought the remaster of ffviii so now i have ffvii, ffviii, and ffix in spanish and an easy format for making thousands of screenshots. do the spanish translations follow a similar trajectory as the english ones, where there's a jump in quality/consistency from ffviii onward? am i playing the worst one in terms of language lol

but today i am back looking at what collected from ffvii, specifically the status screen and the list of elements and status effects since this should be transferable vocab for the other games too. also i'm not sure i remember all the status ailments anymore so i am going to try to guess what they just from the spanish without looking any of them up.

elemento [= element]

fuego [= fire]
tierra [= earth]
veneno [= poison]
graved. [gravedad = gravity]
agua [= water]
viento [= wind]
sacro [= holy]

efecto [= effects]

muerte [= death]
muerte cerca [= near death]
sue? [sueño? = sleep? this is from my notes and i deleted the screencap and i don't remember why that question mark is there]
veneno [= poison]
confusión [= confusion]
silencio [= silence]
prisa [= haste]
lento [= slow? sadness?]
alto [= hyper?]
pequeño [= mini]
adormecer [= charm]
petrificación [= stone/petrify]
regenerar [= regen]
reflejo [= reflect]
escudo [= shield? barrier?]
pena capital [= capital punishment? death sentence?]
manipular [= manipulate]
locura [= madness? frenzy? berserk???]
sin igual [= invincible]
paralizar [= paralised]
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it's the morning, i'm awake at 7am, so to celebrate i'm looking at a screencap of the english status screen and check my work

also since i was only looking at my notes i might have not included some items or i saw them previously and skipped them here, so i should maybe check the game again to see if i skipped any because i don't see some of these

- muerte
= death ✔

- muerte cerca
= near death ✔

- sue? sueño?
= sleep ✔ (did they just shorten it to sue?)

- veneno
= poison ✔

(i might have skipped 'sadness' and 'fury', which i'm going to reverse guess are 'triste' and 'furia'?)

- confusión
= confusion ✔

- silencio
= silence ✔

- prisa
= haste ✔

- lento
= slow? sadness? = slow ✔

- alto
= hyper? = stop ✖ (it all makes sense now but i thought it might be like 'being high' or something)

(did i skip frog??? also help i forgot the spanish word for 'frog')

= mini ✔ (technically 'small')

- adormecer
= charm = slow-numb ✖ (ngl i don't remember this status, would this be 麻痺 in japanese? i got confused by the 'ador--' part)

- petrificación
= stone/petrify ✔

- regenerar
= regen ✔

(i think i skipped barrier/mbarrier, and i want to say in spanish it's 'barriar' but i feel like that's wrong)

- reflejo
= reflect ✔

- escudo
= shield? barrier? = shield ✔

- pena capital
= capital punishment? death sentence? = death sentence ✔

- manipular
= manipulate ✔

- locura
= madness? frenzy? berserk??? = berserk ✔ (i admit i forgot that 'berserk' was a status aliment for a bit)

- sin igual
= invincible ✔ ('peerless')

- paralizar
= paralised ✔ (except it's 'paralysed' and i can't spell)

(must have skipped 'darkness' which is 'oscuridad' because i watched a playthrough of kingdom hearts in spanish so i know this)

i did pretty well, congrats myself

also checking the elements while i'm here

- fuego
= fire ✔

(missing ice and lightning, which are 'hielo' and 'rayo'?)

- tierra
= earth ✔

- veneno
= poison ✔

- graved. [gravedad]
= gravity ✔

- agua
= water ✔

- viento
= wind ✔

- sacro
= holy ✔

look at that, i'm practically fluent


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Ok, *cracks knuckles* Here's some help:

Even since I played FFVII I found strange how they wrote some things, like:

  • Sue?: the correct spelling is what you wrote, "sueño", and I guess they didn't do it correctly because the used font was international english and lacked the ñ character.
  • Alto: You were correct in translating it to "high", but this is a word with two meanings. In this context, alto means "stop".
  • Frog in Spanish: Rana.
  • Adormecer: The translation was quite faulty, to put it mildly. The ailment is a "progressive petrification", on which you have a countdown of 30 and when it reaches 0, the character turns to stone.
Other than that, you are doing very well, just give a holler if you ever need anything. My english might not be top notch, but I think I might be able to help with the messy translation FFVII was :monster:


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Oh hey, I speak Spanish -it's my mother language, anyways- :D so let me know if you need some help translating things!

Here's some help:

  • Barrier/MBarrier= Barrera/Barrera Mágica (as you can't say MBarrera, that sounds weird)
  • Charm= Cautivar (as the characters seem to be kinda "in love" or feeling attracted to the enemy)
  • Sadness/Fury= Tristeza/Furia
  • Paralyze= Parálisis
  • Ice= Hielo
  • Lightning/Bolt= Rayo


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i checked it against this, but looking at the spanish screen it doesn't have darkness/oscuridad at the end. idk if that gets added later or what.

also it says 'Reflejo Reflejo Escudo' and i'm too early in the game to having any equipment that impacts those stats yet, so have they just put 'reflejo' twice for some reason? i thought it might be 'reflejo escudo' but they are bother capitalised which none of the other two word statuses are (Muerte cerca, Pena capital, Sin igual).

Adormecer: The translation was quite faulty, to put it mildly. The ailment is a "progressive petrification", on which you have a countdown of 30 and when it reaches 0, the character turns to stone.
i was wondering what 'slow numb' meant since i haven't played the full game in a few years, and the english one even longer. i didn't think that's what this meant.

probably going to look at various menu items to find more words to use in other games too. or i will get distracted and take a peak at ffviii for a bit.

edit; i will probably look at the opening/menus of ffviii because i am suddenly curious what 'paramagic' is in spanish


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oh noooo

i just saw that this thread is in the ffvii subforum but i got up to the first save point in ffviii and capped every instance of text i saw because this is what i do instead of hobbies.

anyway i'm starting with the stats and status aliments but this time i am going to look up words.

Elementos = elements

Fuego = Fire
Frío = Cold
Rayo = Lightning
Tierra = Earth
Veneno = Poison
Aire = Air/Wind
Agua = Water
Sacro = Holy

Estados alterados = Altered Status

Muerte - Death
Veneno - Poison
Piedra - Stone
Ceguera - Blindness
Mudez - Silence/Mute
Locura - Berserk
Zombi - Zombie
Sueño - Sleep
Freno - Slow? Break?
Paro - Stop
Maldición - Curse
Confusión - Confusion
Absorción - Absorb

Parámetros básicos - basic parameters

VIT - Vitalidad - Vitality
FRZ - Fuerza - Strength
RST - Resistencia - Resistance
PM - Poder mágico - Magic Power
ESP - Espíritu - Spirit
RAP - Rapidez - Speed
EVS - Evasión - Evasion
PNT - Puntería - Aim
SUE - Suerte - Luck

i took a cap of the guide screen describing status effects but i would have to look through over 500 images to find the one for 'freno'

in ffvii it used 'pg' for hp, which would be puntos de golpe? googling i saw puntos de vida. to find out which is more common between pg, pv or vitalidad i will have to play more video games

oh no

edit; how could i forget the more important word i've picked up

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"Freno" is indeed Slow, as "Paro" is Stop. Break works more for that status ailment which petrifies the character -I think it's the equivalent to "Slow-numb" in FFVII-.

As for HP, I think it's better to go for PV (Puntos de Vida), as I've played Crisis Core in Spanish and that's how it is translated. :D


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i decided i was going to look at videos of each game to see what they call hp, because i forgot it was new years eve but i'm feeling sick anyway so i wasn't doing owt

ff: vit (psp)
ffii: pv (ps1), vit (gba)
ffiii: vit (psp)
ffiv: pv (psp)
ffv: pv (gba)
ffvi: vt (pc)
ffvii: pg
ffviii: vit
ffix: vit
ffx: vit
ffxii: vit
ffxiii: vit
ffxv: vit
crisis core: pg
dirge of cerberus: pv
ffx-2: vit
ffxiii-2: vit
lrffxiii: vit
fft: pv
ffta: vit
ffta2: vit
dff: pv
dffnt: vit

i skipped the online ones because i couldn't read the tiny ui text and don't feel like trying


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in 'poción s/x' what would the 's/x' stand for? my guess is 's' is something like 'super'? does the 'x' stand for a specific word or is it just something that sounds cool?
Poción S: Restores 500 hit points to a single ally.

Poción X: Restores all the hit points to a single ally.

I always guessed that the S stands for "super", while the X might stand for "Extra". As I said, FFVII sometimes was an exercise on free translation :monster:
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