Interview With The Glaives at The Wee Pom!


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There's a legendary interview with the guy voicing Noel in XIII-2 where he's asked about the ending and he's like 'well, uh, you know, uh, it was a happy ending --"

i've read stuff about how sometimes voice actors don't even know what they're working on (i think some devs do this to keep things secret) and just get a sheet with just their dialogue

to format that into something resembling a question and i guess kind of ties into the one about how they prepared, were they give much material on their characters, roles, the film's story, etc. beforehand


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How well did the recording sessions go compared to their work on other projects? As in, was it easy or hard to get into character and get the lines right? Effectively how much of a challenge those roles felt in comparison.

Maybe also interesting: how high are they ranking their Kingsglaive characters compared to their other roles in terms of attachment and identification?

Maybe they have already been asked those questions in past interviews. If so, just disregard them. I only remember listening to one with Liam (I don't quite who the interviewer was, probably FF Union) and I don't remember those questions being dropped.

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It's unnecessary to ask Liam what he thinks his character got up to after "Kingsglaive," as "Comrades" answers that -- but you can/should ask what he thinks Libertus did after "Comrades." :monster:

As for Will, maybe ask why he thinks his character wasn't asked to participate in the Glaive treason, becoming instead one of its first victims? (I don't know if he will have as developed an opinion on his character as the other two, though, since he provided neither his likeness nor voice to Pelna -- whereas Liam and Adrian provided their voices, likenesses, and motions for Libertus and Drautos.)


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Just an update to say this interview went ahead and was great! The guys had a lot to say about the way they worked with the JP side of things and general process.
They were very accommodating and Crash will soon be able to start transcribing the 30+minute recording. :D
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