KupoCon Europe - Mind The Pom - March 25, 2017


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I left some assorted feedback on the KupoCon forum. Feel to free to add to it if you have any further thoughts. I also spoke on behalf of TLS a bit at the end based on some conversations we've had post-MTP, so let me know if I done goofed.


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Seems fine, one thing I would add was the queue for signing being so long and trailing into the main room wasn't ideal. Iirc at one point Alex had to tell people talking in the queue to be quiet (during one of the panels) and I found that kind of awkward. Some sort of chicane thing like at the bank probably would have helped.


^ Yeah that kinda sucked. It meant we missed the panel and the frog catching thing, and as we were at the end of the queue and it was getting late by the time we got to our signing, we weren't allowed to take photos with any of the guys, which was sad cos everyone else got to and we had to sort of rush through to get to the closing ceremony.


Hey Flint, I replied to the thread there. I didn't cover every point mentioned, but if you want full explanations for any specific elements you brought up, then just get in touch with me at any point. I don't post around here as much (busy with many a thing at the moment), but I do tend to reply to instant messages or PMs a lot quicker.

One thing that comes to mind now that I could've mentioned was the quiz. Some teams did come up and ask for their score sheets and that was all good. In TBP we did reveal the answers but the quiz was cut down at the time (thus meaning we had the actual time to reveal answers). I can forward all that info, too. I would be the kind of person who'd keep the sheets afterwards, but I was struggling for space in my bag to keep them. I didn't expect to go home with the cookie monster, so I was glad that time 'round I had packed extra lightly :lol:
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