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Last of Us TV Success = Hope for an Amazon FFVII series?


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I don't get it. FFVII is a huge franchise just waiting to be turned into a multiple season TV show

It has a already built-in fanbase. With the remakes its getting new fans and staying relevant/current

Why is nobody making this a TV show yet??


I think Final Fantasy is best adapted like the games themselves; a new story with new characters that retains that FF feel but not directly connected to anything. I don't think I'd wanna see a direct adaptation of one of the games, a lot of them have a strong anime vibe that just doesn't translate well into live action.


It has potential to be a good anime, but alas video game to anime adaptations are about as spotty in quality as licensed anime games are.

Persona 5, Devil May Cry, and Bayonetta anime adaptations aren't anything to write home about. The animated Castlevania show has many flaws, but seems to have ushered in a new era of good game adaptations. The Nier Automata anime is getting middling reception from what I've seen so far.

Plus, there's also the question of how much to adapt. The original game would probably require 3-4 seasons of anime at least. Then there's also the question of how much subsequent material that you might want to throw in there (Crisis Core? Novels? Advent Children??).

Idk I just have a hard time seeing this be adapted in a way that isn't super messy, even if it is possible! Focusing on a small story that's stand alone might be the best course of action. some of the Turk entries for example.


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Really hard to make an adaptation with so many stylisized characters.

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Nah. Can’t help but think a live action Cloud would feel a bit silly.


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I would be down with a CG 8-episode series. Advent Children still blows my mind, add a well-thought-out story and it could be awesome.


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Anime or CG

Season 1, 7 Episodes ~45 min each
Episode 1 - First Bombing Mission and Return to Sector 7
Episode 2 - Sector 7 Regroup and Second Bombing Mission
Episode 3 - Meeting Aerith
Episode 4 - Wall Market
Episode 5 - Sector 7 Plate Collapse
Episode 6 - Shinra Tower Raid Part 1
Episode 7 - Shinra Tower Raid Part 2

Season 2, 7 Episodes
Episode 1 - Kalm Flashback
Episode 2 - Chocobo Farm, Midgar Zolom, Mythril Mines
Episode 3 - Junon & Junon Boat Ride
Episode 4 - Costa del Sol
Episode 5 - Corel
Episode 6 - Gold Saucer
Episode 7 - Gold Saucer Prison

Season 3, 7 Episodes
Episode 1 - Cosmo Canyon
Episode 2 - Nibelheim
Episode 3 - Rocket Town
Episode 4 - Wutai
Episode 5 - Gold Saucer
Episode 6 - Temple of the Ancients
Episode 7 - The Forgotten City

Season 4, 7 Episodes
Episode 1 - Icicle Inn
Episode 2 - North Crater
Episode 3 - North Crater 2
Episode 4 - Junon
Episode 5 - Huge Materia Part 1
Episode 6 - Huge Materia Part 2
Episode 7 - Meidel

Season 5, 7 Episodes
Episode 1 - Cosmo Canyon
Episode 2 - Diamond Weapon
Episode 3 - Return to Midgar Part 1
Episode 4 - Return to Midgar Part 2
Episode 5 - North Crater Part 1
Episode 6 - North Crater Part 2
Episode 7 - North Crater Part 3

Or, it doesn't even have to follow the game at all.

It can be about entirely new characters with a new story who live in the world. Like Andor and Star Wars.


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Y'know, I've thought about what FFVII would be like as an anime before, and the episode structure was kinda just like this! Very interesting and cool.


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I recall, about a year or so before the remake was announced, there was a fan web series that was live action FF7. Don't think it ever made it beyond Midgar, but it was actually sorta fascinating. Under a professional team, might even be good.

FF7 may be anime as hell, but one could see an adaption where it is less so and still be worth doing.


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If anyone was to pick this up I would want new FF7 stories. My ideas of new content would be

1. Bridge the gap between the OG ending and AC. There's a lot of content here. Shinras downfall, the building of Edge, Cloud shutting himself away from the others once again(kinda reverse of his OG Arc), every character could get there own arc.

2. Pick up 500 years into the future with Nanaki. I feel stories around the fire with his two cubs would be entertaining. And him continuing his adventure to protect the canyon / planet. All new characters, new mega-corporation, new/same world threat.

3. Go back in time and do the Jenova vs Centra!


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Honestly I would not want that, if they were to do new stories, because then they are too shackled to the games. They would have to choose. And I would definitely think they need to do a new take on the universe of FF7 all together.
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