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The year is 1998. The Clone Saga and the immediate fallout that came afterward are now over, and Spider-Man is gearing up to enjoy his all-time worse run leading up to the Chapter 1 reboot.

However, in the far-flung corner of Marvel that occasionally churns out What-If?, veteran Spider-Scribe Tom DeFalco had a Great Idea (TM).

You see, in the mainline Spidey comics, Peter and Mary Jane's baby, May, had been kidnapped by a creepy nurse working for Norman Osborn. Thinking that their baby was dead, the Parkers grieved and moved on with their lives, all the while, the comic was showing hints that Baby May was still alive. All of this seemed to be coming to a head, when disaster struck.

Anyone familiar with Marvel editorial interference with Spider-Man knows that it is almost universally catastrophic. "Kids can't relate to a married Spider-Man" brought us One More Day. The same kind of sentiment brought Aunt May back to life after being replaced by a genetically modified actress and dying in possibly the single best Spider-Man comic of the nineties. All of the hints that Baby May were alive were revealed to be about Aunt May instead.

Tom DeFalco, a man I normally like to keep away from my Spiders, disagreed. And, to give the man his due, penned possibly the most consistently good Marvel title of the late-nineties-early 2000's, surpassed only by Daredevil. I speak, of course, of Spider-Girl.

This history of the series is interesting in and of itself, having been cancelled and renewed multiple times due to an extremely devoted fanbase. It was at one point, and may still be (I dunno), the longest-running Marvel comic starring a female character.

The basic premise just continues on from the original storyline, back when Baby May was the one kidnapped. Flashbacks tell us of a final climactic battle between Spider-Man and the Green Goblin over the fate of Baby May, in which Osborn dies, and Peter is heavily wounded. Peter thus retires in order to raise his daughter with Mary Jane. Little does he know that May will herself exhibit Spider-powers when she gets older....


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Pretty sure that she's been in Spider-Verse & was in one of the Secret Wars world's, too. Dunno much about her outside of that context, but Spider-Verse had a lot of great stuff going on with its various permutations.

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I know nothing about comic books beyond Alan Moore, but I was at a nerd cafe recently and they had copies of "Spider-Gwen" available for the patrons to read. It was coffee-stained but pretty good!

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"Spider-Girl" was definitely awesome. I hate the editorial interference that scuttled the Baby May revelation and ruined that great Aunt May story, but I guess "Spider-Girl" wouldn't have happened otherwise.

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Nanny Ogg
Spider Girl is probably my favorite of the spider comics. The only other comic series that probably matches it is the Dead Pool series.

May "Mayday" is the main Character of that one.

Gwen Stacy, Peter's first girlfriend, the one he might've accidentally killed by catching her with just one web. Is the star of Spider Gwen. She got bitten in that universe not Peter.

There is also a universe were Peter's uncle get's bitten and Peter dies. I haven't read any of that but it sounds trippy.

Annie Parker. Who was named after Mary Jane's aunt. Is the one in the Secret War's comics. She comes into her powers as a baby, whereas May came into her's as a teenager. Annie is a red head, and May is a brunette.

When I was a kid my dad got a box full of comics from goodwill for a dollar because they had a bunch of the older Superman comics that he loved. There was a Spider Girl comic in there, the last part of the story where she goes into the past to catch a time traveling villian. Her dad hit's on her. It was hillarious and creepy. :p Spider Girl did it first Team Four Star! For the longest time it was the only spider Girl comic I had. I still have it too. GLD has gotten me bunches more for birthdays and Christmas though. I don't have them all, so I still need more. For one thing, I want to know the rest of the story I only have one comic for.
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