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Meekal - Intro


Lv. 1 Adventurer
Hi All,

Have been lurking in and out of the forum for years it seems and finally signed up, not sure why it took so long but alas, I am here. Have been part of other FF forums in the past and missed the chat to be honest.

I'm from SCO and have been playing FFVII since the original release on PS1. I generally play it once a year and also have been playing the remake. Been making my way into a lot of the other FF Series. Been playing on PS5 lately, but have the titles on Steam/PS/Xbox/Switch also.

Interested in a lot of different Genre's of games. Sprots/RPG/Puzzle/FPS.

Username on PS5 is Meekal1986

Hopefully I can get involved in some conversations soon and get to know everyone.


Ghost X

Welcome aboard :monster:

I'm probably an outlier here in that I haven't played anything since FFXII, but am somewhat familiar with the stories n' such of later games.
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