Member Spotlight #20: Ask Interslicery anything

Am I right in thinking you had the same avatar & sig in ACF? Wai-so?

Do you identify with being Canadian? (asked cos you mentioned social anxieties in your land nvrmind someone else's)

What's your opinion on facial hair?

What aspects of your life/personality would be included in the semi-autobiographical book?

Do you talk to your cats? (what about?)
Same sig, but the avatar came after i landed in lifestream. The one I primarily remember using in acf was
, but I switched those out like every few days it seemed.
Remember Nanaki? What ever happened to him?

I do. Born here, lived here all my life. My next closest nationality is scottish and dutch, but I wouldn't have guessed if i didnt actually see my family tree at some point.

I personally hate it, because it requires a lot of maintenance, even though I loathe shaving. On other people? Go for it. Some people have fucking amazing beards.

It always seems like people are misunderstanding what I mean, or say. So I'd probably include a lot of "regular" milestones with my thoughts on what I was thinking of the situation, and what I thought others were thinking. Or since it won't be in a realistic present, a suitable parallel. Like, a lot of the time I think people are thinking something, when they're actually thinking something completely different. Or I know what they're thinking logically, but my mind will insist it's something else. I constantly think people are judging me and thinking I'm "that weird tall freak who doesn't talk to anyone", when they really hardly notice me at all, or are only staring cause "fuck, he's tall! And pretty easy on the eyes"

Not especially. Mainly just to tell them to fuck off lol Or if I'm feeling pretty low I'll say stuff like "Hey Tiggy, how are you doing? That's good." Just have a simple one sided conversation while petting them.


Factiō Rēpūblicāna dēlenda est.
The Man, V
This is now closed for new questions, but I’m leaving it up in case Interslicery wants to answer the unanswered one. :monster:


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I dunno if its the cold and flu tablets or what but I'm just sitting here giggling like a maniac right now
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