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Funny thing is, I was told that if I asked for my position back, I'd be given it back. If that's really true, then I should have power here, but I guess that's just another lie that staff has fed us.
Or maybe because the Staff has changed their minds since then and feels that you shouldn't have it back? Oh no, circumstances change, what a travesty. I don't know, and I mean that honestly since I gave little input during the matter.

And I don't define what unprofessional is? How is that, exactly? Isn't that the sort of term that anyone can interpret however they see it? Oh, I forgot, you get to speak for everyone on the board because your opinion is the only reason that matters.
No, you don't define what unprofessional is universally because you're one dude with one opinion, which means quite a bit since every member counts, but like I said, at this point you've been whining about nothing for quite some time and it's getting tiring.

You seem to have this thing going on with you that everyone should listen to you and what you say because you said it. My opinion isn't the only one that matters. I am one member of the Staff, and never claimed to be anything more than that. I have never claimed (and don't even try to say that I have) to supercede Mako, Yopy, Tet, Ryu, X-SOLDIER, or even you and Dacon when you were a part of Staff.

What I see is a staff member making posts towards members that others would get warned for. It doesn't matter that it's in Fuckery, posts like that are repeatedly warned. I saw it when I was on staff, and if the rules were being interpreted the same way for everyone like they should be, then you wouldn't have the right to make "jokes" like that with me, because you're not on terms with me where I consider that conduct acceptable. This is just another brazen show of hypocrisy from TLS staff, and while I can't say I'm at all surprised that it's being handled like this, I can say that I'm completely disappointed. You can just brush off criticism as me whining, but this place really isn't any different than ACF now. If anything, it might actually be worse, because staff members that flamed actually got removed at ACF.
What you see is what you want to see, you have this selective viewpoint where some things are okay and some things are POWER ABUSE. You don't like me. Or like my Staffing. Or whatever. Fine. But you have no right to demonize everything I do or say just because I'm saying it. And you also have no right to continually shit up the place with your whining just because its technically not against the rules.

If you feel this place is so bad, either do something about it, work towards it, or get the fuck out. That's all any of us here can do, including myself. Make a topic about it in Site Suggestions. You're welcome to!

And with that said, this case is closed.


Oy, don't whine when you troll someone or call someone out, you'll get butthurt. Shut the fuck up, seriously.

Aaron, the main reason why you're not getting your position back is because you haven't done shit tech adminny for the last few months while you were in staff (except a few name changes perhaps), and have constantly been interfering yourself with how this board is run, how moderators do their job, bitch, moan, and complain. And now you're still doing it.

What I see is a staff member making posts towards members that others would get warned for
What I see is a staffer responding to a troll in a jokingly matter to eat dicks. I'm pretty sure he didn't expect a fucking Spanish Inquisition when he responded to whoever called him out here (cue macro).

Aaron, I've said this before, but I'll repeat myself for the record: Quit talking like you're the only one that knows how to run a forum. If you know it so well, start your own awesome and epic forum and get the fuck outta here.

But I know you're not that type. You prefer to complain without actually trying to do a better job, whether it concerns something trivial as forums, or something large as the government and shit. If you want to change something, do it yourself, run for president or whatever the fuck you're on about.

I'm not blind - I can see that Mog's reaction was perhaps uncalled for, but both Jecht and Omega are calling him out for a frivolous post, you respond going 'lol I'm better than you and I know better than you'. What are you expecting of him now exactly? What would you do? Here, let me call you out in turn: Interfering in what is obviously an internal staff affair is also generally not regarded as a desirable trait in a member :monster:.

If you disagree with someone's behavior, and I'm sure I've said this before a while back, you should send us a formal complaint, not start your own inquisition like you think that'll help. I would've expected that you would've learned that after being on various internet forums for years now.

Now, I'll spill some staff info now. Mog has seriously contemplated leaving staff (and I'm sure he's repeated that desire), not because he can't do his job anymore, but because every time he makes a public statement, there's almost half a dozen people jumping on his neck about it, and often for frivolous reasons. In fact, I'm pretty sure that you're all just trying to start drama over bullshit because you're bored.

Now, I've got a meeting to go to, and I'm expecting you lot (read: you members that complain) to make a formal complaint, and leave it at that. I won't have dozens of pages of arguments, behind-the-scenes conspiracies or threats on this forum, it's unprofessional and will only have an adverse effect - and you all know that. If I call any of you a dick, you wouldn't go 'Yeah I'm a dick sorry about that', you'd go 'WELL YOU SUCK COCKS'. Same goes for this kinda thing.

Edit: Also, I won't have this kinda thing in this section, move it to forum feedback and stuff if you believe you have a formal point to make.
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