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Necessities of life


Listen closely, there is meaning in my words.
Smooth Criminal
Is it your responsibility here to start one thread that asks a non-sequitur question, at least 5 times a week?


just a fleeting memory
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Do you think a person can live on bread and water alone?

I'm trying to save money.
It would help to have a roof over your head too.


Kissed by Fire
Is it your responsibility here to start one thread that asks a non-sequitur question, at least 5 times a week?
I'd do it 20 times a week but I don't have that much time...

though I live off pussy and redbull.
Holy Shit this has been tested!???

I'm doing it. It must be the mediclorians that appear during intercourse to aid in the reception process that also give nourishment. Or maybe its just Redbull...

And yes... a home... would a bridge do?


alex is dead
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I live off alcohol, takeaways, a brilliant girlfriend and a strong circle of friends. Water is for pussies.


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My school serves us milk in a plastic bag that we have to poke a straw into. Yes, you can survive on bread and water.


fresh to death
I have lived off 100 grams of oreos and a 1/2 carton of soya milk for 3 days.
You can do it.

I got some eggs today though so omlette >;
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