Octopath Traveler

I have completed everyone's first Chapter aside from Ophilia, who I'm about to pick up. Still getting to know everyone, but I've been sticking with Olberic, Therion and Cyrus for most of my gameplay so far. I've swapped Tressa out a few times when encountering a new character, but I like her in my party. H'aanit (the last character I picked up) has an interesting mechanic though with her beast taming system. I might bring her in after I complete Ophilia's opening story.
I'm just on Alfyn's second chapter, and once that is complete, everyone's second chapter will have been achieved. Some of the story segments for each character are definitely more compelling than others. The music is still a high point. The battle system however I am not finding it as enjoyable the longer I play with it. I find Bravely Default a heck of a lot more satisfying. It definitely picks up once you grab the
secondary jobs
, but it all still feels quite limited.

And sweet Jesus, the encounter rate in this game is nuts.
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