On Forum Titles and Roles - Important!


The size limitation is a visual choice as well as being about fitting them on the actual postbit. The more big in-your-face things we have on there the more cluttered it's going to become, and we're trying to avoid the pitfalls staff fell into when setting up here and keep it looking neat.

This was one of the reasons I suggested materia orbs in the beginning. I knew detailed icons at a small size would be difficult to make out. That said I think all the ones you folks have designed are fucking beautiful.

What we should do is cover what roles will be getting a badge and then start assigning them to roles so we know what to do over there. If someone wants to put this to community vote it's up to them, tbh I think it might be easier to do a google survey or something rather than using the poll system on here because there are a lot of icons to choose from and a bunch of roles to assign them to.


I can get creative and put some of those on the test forums or at least a screenshot to see how they look. 30x30 could work but we'll have to limit it to 3 icons per row then.


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I voted for fancy's style in the survey but I gotta add that currently B's SOLDIER logo definitely looks better shrunken down.
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