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Double Growth
Well at least two of them are still active I think (Lith and Interslicery), I'm not sure about the other one. How long are they supposed to last?

As for the others...I mean Chit Chat probably gets updated enough that it doesn't need to be pinned, and I'm not sure I use the Let's Get to Know One Another thread, but other than that they all seem to make sense to be up there.


Harbinger O Great Justice
The member spotlights should only be two at a time, with the older one falling off as the newer one's pinned. I removed the older one.
Other than those everything there has been pinned since the dawn of time though, yeah? What makes sense to take off?

X :neo:


I'd unpin the chat thrad (as mentioned, it's active enough) and the picture threads tbf. Maybe pictures and/or other similar "personal" threads (as opposed to "general chat" threads) should be moved to their own section?

I don't know though, I haven't really used the section as such in forever.
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