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Howdy, I couldn't really find anything relating to this when searching but wondered whether the board had an option to integrate preferred pronouns into your profile or user info so folk can see what preferred pronoun a user may want to be identified as?


THIS IS SUCH A GREAT IDEA! I feel confident we should be able to because afaik there are several levels of subtitles and so on so we could maybe just use one as a pronoun one? I'm gonna go look at mine and see what I can do brb

EDIT: Hm hm hm only your AKA and like catchy line are set to be visible on mobile right now, which is feel like is essential for this SO either we all decide to change the catchy line to our pronouns or me and the rest of staff are gonna have to have a larger discussion about reformatting things and so on that could be fiddly. I'm gonna go change my thing now and try to make it a trend, you all let me know what you think.

EDITEDIT: It's called your custom title. I've changed mine!
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Save your valediction (she/her)
Love this. I’ve followed Crash’s lead as well.

For those curious about multiple pronoun use, it means I like any of the ones I listed! Use just one for simplicity’s sake or switch it up mid-sentence for fun. Test your comfort zone or stay within it. Typically, when ppl use multiple pronouns they are listed in order of preference, and this order can change. I am still getting comfortable with “she” but who knows what the future will bring :)

Oh and one more thing: pronoun use doesn’t always = gender identity. A cis person might use “they” in solidarity, or a nonbinary person might prefer “she” for any number of reasons, etc.
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Cool! I have had many a long think about pronouns over the last few years and have come to the conclusion that I really don't have a preference, I like being referred to with different pronouns for different reasons, to the point where actively requesting one specific set doesn't feel right for me personally. I'm told the default way of phrasing this is any/all but if there's another way of phrasing it let me know!
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