Problems editing posts

has anyone else been having troubles with editing posts? (Or even first posts)? If I edit, I seem to get [ / ] wherever I had a new paragraph before, and sometimes when I post emoticons, I get size and font coding around it that appears in the post rather than does anything.


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I just tried it on one of my posts, but didn't have any problems.

I just went and edited out the [/] in your last post to try it out, and it looks fine now. Since it seemed to be mixed in with the font face/size codes, maybe that had something to with it. I don't what happened or why, though :monster:
Ya, when I'd go to edit, it would make more weird stuff. I'll try to use this post as an example. :duhard:
Hmmm, not getting it now. Guess it only happens sometimes, or I was just getting unlucky.
I was also not using any coding in my posts when this happens.


Haven't encountered that yet, but if you're able to reproduce it, you probably should report it at the creator's website (here). The version of the forum software we use is still beta software, so possible bugs and whatnot like that should be reported at the creators, so they can fixxx it or at least look into it.
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