R16: Liberi Fatali vs. The Darkness of Eternity

Which of these songs do you like best?

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Pick your favourite!

This poll will be open for two days, and the winner will make it through to the quarter-finals. The complete final 32 bracket can be found here.

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On an iPod, I find myself skipping past Liberi Fatali a lot more than The Dark Messenger. But, if it was the first time listening to both, I'd be blown away by the former more. There are too many ways to see it (and where do you even begin with talking about each one in relation to their respective games), but I've learned not to take too long making my mind up after missing a poll :P

Liberi Fatali it is


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That moment when two songs you voted for because you love them both made it through and are now against each other.

Ah shit.

....I'm voting for Darkness of Eternity. :monster:
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Liberi Fatali... It's just got this... largeness... that Darkness of Eternity doesn't. I guess because Liberi Fatali says something about everyone in the game whereas Darkness of Eternity is all about Kuja.


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I really liked Darkness of Eternity in the beginning of this competition and now I'm already starting to feel like I've heared it too many times. It just doesn't feel that special anymore. :'(

But regardless of that it was an easy choice. Liberi Fatali gets my vote.


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I'm surprised that the person who nominated every one of Kuja's Themes has feelings against Dark Messenger, which references them pretty heavily, at least at the start. :P

I really enjoy listening to Dark Messenger (The Darkness of Eternity) but Liberi Fatali is definitely the better piece, so it gets my vote.
Take a look again. I didn't nominate Darkness of Eternity ;)... or at least I wasn't the first to do so, if I did nominate it :P. I think it is the worst of the Kuja themes :P.


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Take a look again. I didn't say you nominated it. ;) I said it "references [Kuja's Themes]", implying that it's not one of them.

<insert remark about Most Pedantic award here>


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Liberi Fatali, the #1 seed, continues its march into the quarter-finals, where it will come up against One-Winged Angel in what should be a very interesting matchup.
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