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Just saw this over at and wanted to share with you all. The remake's been featured in the June 25 edition of Famitsu in a multipage article. I have scans here, and hopefully some of you who know Japanese can translate them. I don't know if there's any new info there, but I thought you all would be interested in this. Here are the scans:


If there's info in this I'll write an article immediately, but we need dem Japerneesey peeps like Hito or Tres to give it a scan (see what I did thar)


's all Klatchian to me, amirite :monster:. I've got an app on muh phone for translating images, let me see what I can do. It's probably useless though, :monster:


oh shit it actually works. sort of. Terribly shit translate incoming, but it should be good enough to get a very rough idea of what's up:

EDIT: shit fail, I took pictures off my monitor but I could've imported pictures too, :wacky:. NVM, I can't be arsed.

Page 1 top left:

Once people looked up at the sky. Myojo to swallow everything, forever and also became the thing that is engraved on the heart we have lived the era of silence. Each time you look back on the memories, MAY whether Oh you realize it or not than meet again someday that you do not forget them like that and feeling also was just a desire a:? 1 spent a long time silence, to begin soon feel the buzz. Let the feelings that also can not be suppressed now as joy and fear were mingled in the 14 meetings with delight. They come I hil. At that time it was promised at last

Page 1, right:

Local time June 18, the United States, Los Lak at E3. (Electronic · - T key 3 Bo) 2015 "was success 0% To closed world 鮇級 game absence of which showed the daily bustle than June entertainment the 16th fairs N7 of § Text null fantasy "and" Kikuta RAWi over Tsu "is June 15 had boiled 褩始 in shock that resulted in" PlayStation E3 EXPERIENCE2015 - Press Conference ', took place on June 16 of TE30 days was, "SQUARE ENIXE3 Conference, 2015", revealed the outline in them of place, the three works to open up a new era sis, and follow follow along with along with the words leaves creators plate holds the production key to

Page 2:

White breath slide and girls, clunky city emerges in azure light dancing the REMAKE sky. A picture began to flow in the PlayStation E3 EXPERIENCE 2015 Press Conference audience stared at the look of confusion and expectations. A person who has obtained conclusive evidence from the coenzyme rather studded tips mentioned the voice, that number is held as and giant sword go melted together by increasing rapidly "and projected his from behind s venue and cheers just does crack wrapped in joy. eereal a fel felin a examoatee enen on the market as over Shea tion eeEPA software for EPli, the world cumulative A arenasassi is the name of a type number in RPG and 歷史 that changed the e era more than this one one million iblePassuai . increments later many of the compilation work is a special truly special presence was produced - "Final Fantasy VI" (hereinafter, "FFVII"); gathering creators us is that produced the original through a time long time . the whole world the world gather, all, fans tell the return of the legend that has been long-awaited "resolution, I decided," producer Yoshinori Kitase

Page 3, including top quote:

"If you want to a full remake, I want to challenge the thing called fun to become possible precisely because the full remake what was an era with a different approach. Finally, it'll be there Soshitara is a very strange, finally this When the I came! To PS4) It has been announced., it is checked the video of the in-house presentations, Oh or initially to play with PS4 Nomura saw a mistake there or date trailers, M "is! It is not a shock and" director NoTetsuya that. After that is not yet considered, and is undecided, and because it is the last to Ri of yo! director trembling came to the height of the quality, and in the course of the future? I, is also PS4 title of I made the connection people only teaser from our company, good Nomura tell the truth yourself, a reblogged announce anther cormorant's director. That I appeared as used in the game from, while those of boost, is part of an image. Visual Works (※ 1) and I had both wanted to record Ri raised the industry by pulling hard. What surprised me because it is, it is "his own It has become a director I "and yellowtail rendered movie that power to Kitase has produced (※ 2) and elm if you say Na and. When you talk to, ... (laughs) definitely as "Jan obvious", it will be a big boost. and as it makes you were asked to prepare in a very short period of time, where for the first time that achieves a full remake of the only of the title is to listen and more go up about quality, "Oh, because she is a director, 菲瀬 is so much Listen to come was whether "the finely, without getting a what kind of history has had? logo, only the symbol of Meteor Nomura matter of fact long before, once that she has reached think launched. There is usually the first one to leave the story, at the time I had I but was Kakkoyoka~tsu also production which is shown that was realized so. Village official name of the announcement this time that I can not at the next public information, opportunity and became the it would be Hashimoto! (Laughs) (※ 3) Did Da Mr. North 灝唯 range) and re Nomura to your Kitase is also that made think that it "will be seen not said," but, of the original version, I have approached the story of Pameiku. Have crawled 藕本, yourself too Kitase production was enthusiastic at the time, because the better it was propaganda producer, in the original version only in that mark the ~Tsu cage design stand as same director and Anitoki on a white background If you are involved in advertising and sales, as the same as if there is that it has been proposed with Thailand 0 it adoption of their own, just as it is special OmoiIri to vu ", which really launched early In story, in response to the story that there was a record, 騆 directory now but it was not and I have of course aware (laughs), so it is a novelty to me, this time was impressive thing, it video Kitase was actor as is sometimes was reluctant. The misunderstanding only because of intimacy, is whether it (laughs). and range, only ML's EB yourself in the mark of Kit also decided to preparedness. But ..., Oh Shi at the tail in addition to the two of you Kazunari's Nojima of, oh say want was, I think you have been credit Buripuroda name while you want to put out an opinion to this. A new death When you believe would enjoy in Tsu is promoting the action (※ 4), was it? A director is to or not what caused the Nario each element. Or should be adjusted, and the Kitase has issued a name Nojima's Nomura wrapped in to hear fine, the corresponding hard, PlayStation 4 (or less, stand and a proven track is carrying a full remake the FRI is

Page 3, section inside image; may be part of the paragraph above it though

At the time scenario draft and character design stand IFFYI "a and a proven track carrying a full remake, Tetsuya Nomura, who was responsible for the Batorubiji Nomura iron ~Yu Al director. Currently, in addition to the character design, creative Purode~yu Sa, as etc. "Kingdom Hearts" series director, and has been working extensively. His new IEF V Ⅱ "maker of is, What kind of thing? The is the intention of the public video was heard talking to his invites? Our to promised land

Page 3, big quote:

Unparalleled presence - IFFITI full remake meaning of

Page 3, tiny text on bottom, probably not enough resolution to scan accurately:

※ 1 ..... Square Enix of high-quality movie »the to an operation department e ※ 2 ...... arm was drawn in advance high-performance PC TE -, regardless of the drawing performance of the hard side there is the advantage that it can safely quality video ※ 3 one ... Shinji Hashimoto said Mr. SQUARE 7 - in I Nibukusu the Executive fi 憸員 e third business division a division * ※ 5 ...... Ferrer La y Roberto Mr. Mr. sugu executive executive.. and [Kingdom 7 Ha a 嚇的 leaves, director of brand z managed of -91 Puranbe Ndeberuto ※ 4 4 - ..... full-fledged Na at work in front of MAa 0.esiascorva Bei before rs entering into the ※ that thing of na 8. Sukuu~e 7: Enix box some places of 7 artists. FF zero / Pr orchid page orchid Jirandoran Dorankazu addition zit, etc. etc. participate participate in the 0. FRt it i

Page 4, big text, some of the extra shit at the bottom:

! ICH xy ICH fanScan -. Xc fan iol x.tofanScania fanscan v 'Compil Remake Final Ferx / media / fanScan to mean that there is also a new meaning and N gimmick, it is, but I will be the system that is realistic Tadano not to be the HD of. Nomura "FFVII" of there is a portion that has been variously change is special, it is just to clean. However, when trying to change from the original version,? Is "not to exceed" Did not the opposite of the voice to be, the original version is in the works in 1997, Nomura in graphics and system If you look now "NU and too much emphasis on of Rashi, and I think you feel the call old to change. However, it also staff that there is resistance to the MI in included also mean certainly other that there were, you are our support even now It's teeth, "FFVII likeness and saying that it quite this, whether it would not change. to nor does it say so now, work cormorant difference by person, just you just re-create the graphic. their own also have attachment to M ". However, is separate from that Ru? Sought that it is not and of the do is r such a job had El past think TEFIe tiger of more HD of be a thing to be excited about. "IFF" is a Nomura likely condemned an anti-it. " And IFF you are to the full remake "is long as it is not a to make, what was an era with a different approach - I see. Mr. Nomura think, it must be made to make the "FF". Precisely because it now, precisely because the hand of the conditions? Full remake, weight Nomura myself made possible is, just like IFF will want to challenge those that IFFI filtration of. For example, we are satisfied with the We wanted to not make "FF", or scenario has changed and Gara~tsu, no person is, IRE, "it is possible to make. to make new i myself also? The should have a USE rapids are at those who want more than you want to change the IEFI a certain things like character also appears, at the time of staff likely'll wait for the follow-up for A Nomura details I have rewritten the IFFI doing. If this time, however, I do not have the new character. M a challenge in the same spirit while natural also a remake of the character can have cause to draw all this action, design vinegar. Then 档 is down to is can deliver the information in this work on their own and Ferrari (※ 5) are you doing. winter and, you become a little addendum, until now of "FF / yourself now, is out from the concept of a depicts the President Shinra, around you to show you something amazing It is. Picture of taste, I promise that the Ru this visual. In very is and has caused draw all you have in real close together ta. IFFYI Advent Children "(hereinafter," ACI) the model of director It is either? IAC "not have or use it to is the front of the technology about 10 years, since etc. busi- di Nomura ense ~Yuaru basis also deformation of the condition is does not fit with this time of the picture, and using NPC much realism that was walking the town in the trailer does not have to, because it is even to let out without 會也 work. What has also changed the stem, breaking the (statement Nomura) "IFF / of pedigree" is TU Ⅱ "of the not say more information has changed TETSUYA still care, statements produce a new WII

Page 4, sidebar

FFVII from transvestite if specific cloud elements of the people makes us legend is how sublime until the tragedy of Aeris. IFF is this event rich in variation is impressive, since such things added not when the thing of the main character, purely Will there is a gimmick in terms of scenario flow and auction off. To send the Laceeum ATB (active time battle) in ITETERTAI, deadly 瓫年 Ttobureigu equipped with Battle, the high availability dragon lead to only improve the visual including directing surface becomes something surreal "have keyword霝場 feeling i say Mr. Nomura tessa +7 trse.01% l messe 77 career -.. that it is attached to the aio stone weapons and accessories, materialized that Avi data utility is usable dragon of IFFII core system of One in, anxious or go away and have not been implemented in the difficult game that example considered the figure. to "tut used 19 minutes will happen!?


I see they mentioned the disappointment with the announcement at PSX. This only makes me want to know what it actually says more :monster:


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edit: what the fuck, i will not be upstaged by a machine

page 1:
trailer script, little blurb about e3, ffvii time line

page 2:
little bit of text about the trailer, more time line

page 3-4:
interview with nomura:

-- It's finally, finally happening! I got shivers from watching the trailer and the shock of seeing VII and the high quality of it!

Nomura: It is merely a teaser, but we were able to announce it at last. That's part of the video used within the game. It is a pre-rendered movie (*1) made by Visual Works (*2). It was something we had them prepare in a very short space of time, so I hear that the quality will increase more.

*1: A movie rendered on a high spec PC. Has the benefit of being able to display a high quality image without relying on the hardware's rendering capabilities.
*2: The department that creates Square Enix's high quality movies.

-- Displaying only the Meteor symbol and not the logo looked cool.

Nomura: The announcement of the official title is going to take place when we next reveal information, so there's that, but when we were making the original version the marketing producer at the time suggested that for the packaging design we put just that mark on a white background. We didn't go with that, but I found it to be a very original and impressive image. This time, we've arranged it into a video, and went with that under the belief that people would recognise it as VII from just the Meteor mark.

- The compatible hardware was announced as the PlayStation 4 (PS4).

Nomura: You'll be able to play it first on the PS4, that's for certain. After that we still haven't thought about it, so it's undecided. Square Enix will be releasing a crop of titles for the PS4 in the future, so we hope that with the support of these titles it will help push the hardware and boost the industry.

-- No doubt it's going to be a huge support. How did a full remake of a title like FFVII come to be?

Nomura: Actually quite a while back I had tried to get it off the ground once before, but at the time we couldn't make it happen. This time it was Hashimoto (*3) who got the ball rolling. Hashimoto came to (Yoshinori) Kitase and myself with the topic of the remake. Hashimoto had been involved with marketing and sales with the original version, and VII has a special place in his heart as it does for us. We heard this and Kitase, who'd been the director back then, was on board for it, and I had made up my mind as well. But... when we were going through the preproduction (*4) giving opinions about how we'd like to do this and that, Kitase comes by to ask in detail how we should coordinate each element. This is really unusual. So then one day, when I was checking a video of the internal presentation, at the end it says "Director: Tetsuya Nomura" on there.

*3: Shinji Hashimoto. A company executive at Square Enix. The division executive of the 3rd Business Division, he is tasked with brand management for the FF and Kingdom Hearts series.

*4: The preparatory stage of work before moving into the actual production.

- You are the director, so it's only natural?

Nomura: To tell you the truth, I thought Kitase was the director. So I was surprised, I called up Kitase and tell him, "it says here that I'm the director." He said to me, "of course you are" (wry smile). That's when I first realise, "oh, I'm the director so that's why Kitase kept asking me all that stuff."

- That seems like the stuff you should talk about first thing! (laughs)

Nomura: Kitase thought I'd know without needing to be told, and since Kitase had been so enthusiastic I just figured that he's be taking the director position again like with the original game. This is talking about when the project first started, of course I'm well aware of my role now (laughs).

- It's because you're so close that you get misunderstandings like that (laughs). On that note, Kazushige Nojima's name was also in the credits. Does this mean he is making a new scenario?

Nomura: The reason Nojima's name is there is because there's new meanings and tricks involved as well.

-- It's not just an HD version.

Nomura: FFVII is special, and we cannot 'surpass it' just by making it look pretty. The original version is a product of 1997, so to look at it now you can feel its age in the graphics and game systems. But those things also make it VII, and it's still got support even today, which is probably not going to change. So for something like FFVII, I don't think merely redoing the graphics is enough to make something you can get excited by.

-- You're looking for something more than a HD version?

Nomura: Yeah. And if we're going to do a full remake, we have to use a different approach and make something that fits with the times. We want to try for the excitement you can make possible precisely because we're making it now, because we're doing a full remake.

-- Does that mean that the plot might suddenly change, or there will be new characters appearing?

Nomura: You'll have to wait until next time for the details. However, there aren't any new characters. The characters are all being done again this game, with the design being done by myself and Ferrari (*5). At the moment I'm in the middle of drawing President Shinra. The art style is more realistic to match with the visuals for this.

*5: Roberto Ferrari. An artist with Square Enix. Has worked on titles such as FF Type-0 and Rampage Land Rankers.

-- Having to design them all again must be a lot of work. Are you not using the models from FFVII Advent Children (AC) or anything?

Nomura: AC was made with technology from 10 years ago, and visually with how it was stylised and such it wouldn't fit in with the images for this game, so we're not using them. We're at the level now where we can get the realism seen in the NPCs walking around town in the trailer without trouble, so that's why.

-- I'm curious to know if the game system is different as well.

Nomura: It has changed. I still can't give you any details, but the system feels more immersive.

-- There's a lot of parts that are being altered. But have there not been any opposing voices to changing things from the original?

Nomura: There certainly are some staff who put too much of a focus on the 'VII-ness' and are resistant to changing it. But that FFVII-ness isn't something you can easily point to and say 'that's it!' about, and it means different things for different people. I've got a lot of attachment to VII myself. But those "feelings" and being "trapped" by the FF of the past are two separate things. If you make up your mind, "'FF is like this," then you can't make FF.

-- I see. What do you think the requirements for a FF creator are, Mr. Nomura?

Nomura: I think that love for FF alone isn't enough to make FF. Someone who isn't satisfied with FF can make it. A creator has to be someone who wants to change FF, to surpass it. Kitase and myself, all the staff from back then rewrote FF in that way. And with this remake too, we're naturally going into it with that same mettle. The next time we will be able to bring you info about this game will be in the winter and beyond that, but I promise that we will show you something surprising that breaks away from the concept of FF that we've seen so far. 


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Page 1 top left:

Once people looked up at the sky. Myojo to swallow everything, forever and also became the thing that is engraved on the heart we have lived the era of silence. Each time you look back on the memories, MAY whether Oh you realize it or not than meet again someday that you do not forget them like that and feeling also was just a desire a:? 1 spent a long time silence, to begin soon feel the buzz. Let the feelings that also can not be suppressed now as joy and fear were mingled in the 14 meetings with delight. They come I hil. At that time it was promised at last
Long ago, we looked upon a foreboding sky. The memory of the star that threatened all burns eternal in our hearts. In its wake came an age of silence. Yet with each fond remembrance, we knew: those encountered were not forgotten. That someday, we would see them again. Perhaps it was no more than wishful thinking. But after the long calm, there are now beginnings of a stir. The reunion at hand may bring joy, it may bring fear. But let us embrace whatever it brings. For they are coming back. At last, the promise has been made.



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Dravin, can you please link to the specific post or article on ffnet? I'm going to be linking to the scans and I'd rather do so while linking to the site, to give credit to the original poster.


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P̡̣̣̳̰̱͕̬͓͎̻̬͛ͨͬ͐͜ͅh̴̴̺̼̻̤̭͆̿̆̀̊͑ͯ̇͗͢͢͝ͅ'̧̧̢̜̼̭̝̘ͬͣ̿̾̌ͧ̎ͧ͗̈̋ͭ̐ͦͭ̆̃̋̕n̴̟̳͍̞̥͍̮̤͍̫̟̪̝̪̼̱͚͖̂̋̃͛̀́́͞l̡̼̯̣̻͔̙̰̤͍̼̬͇̱͈̱͌̎ͭ̂̽ͫ͛ͣͥͭ͗̅̋ͤ̎̃̅̍͘͢ͅg̡̀̌̏ͥ̆̋ͤ̓̂̊̐ͨ̈́͆̿̔̎͒̚͘͏̬͚̪͓̟̳̫u̷̹̟͇̮̺̰̤̱̲̜̝͖̠̙͍̩͂͐͆̽̐̀̿͑͡i̢ͯ͐ͮͪ͊̇ͨ͌̿̽̚̕҉̠̖̘͕͔̟͖̣͕̝̦͖̰ ̨͍͈̥͖͇̩̣͕͇͈̳̪͙̜̲̿ͣ̇͂ͬ͑̆ͦ͗̀m̶̵̧̟͍̖̦̠̾̆ͥ̒ͥ̎ͧ̊ͬͥ̍̍̀ͯ̋̎ͣ̊͜͠g̡̬̞̪̯̮̹̲̠̥̟͕͈̃ͬͭ̒͌̔́̄̋ͤ͊͋̆̿̄ͯ̿̇̚ͅl̼̠̫̗͇͙̫̮ͣͥ̀ͧͨ̏̈́̽͆́̚͜͜w̶̶̧̹͚̟͈͎̩̦͈̘̦͈͔͔̿ͨ̈́̽͌͐͑̓̾ͅ'̴͔̭̠͓̼̰̣̙̿̐̀̓̅̿̓̌͒̚̕͠n̢̛̤͍̹̙̘͇̬̥̮̝͍̬̝̣̥̫̫̑ͪ͐̔͒̀̇ͥͥ̓̓͑͠͝ͅaͦ̊͋ͭ͛ͬ͌̀͛̉̔͋́̚͏̸͏͓̱̝͓̠f̸̨̡̛̗̫̼̗̮͙͖͓̘̟̖̝̦ͬ̄̇̎̒ͭͧ͝ͅͅh̢͇̜̝͖̣̙̹̜̲͉͕̒͐̓̄̓̀̕ͅ ̸̳͙̳̭̦͉̱̙̰̬̘ͣ̇ͭͧ̑̔̓̀̑̋ͥ̎̇̍̌ͅZ̨̛͎͈̰̦͎̺͈͚̹̺͍̉̅̀̍a̺͕̬ͯͪ̃ͩ̾̃̍ͬ̉͂͑ͫ̒̓̅̌ͯ́͝l̵̷͖̰̪̥̺͎͈͓̣͚̦͉̳͓͈̳͐͊̔ͩͨ̍ͮ̽̃ͩͮ͋ͥ́ͣͪg̵̛͎̺͈̠̹͎̘̲̟̙͉̲͒̃̒͑̆ͨͫ̅͊o̢̦̹̮̰̘̣̩̞̹̖̱͈̘͐̿ͥͣ̓̂̎ͦ̅ͪ͛͐ͤ̀̚ ̏̄ͣ͂̈́ͦ͊͑̅ͯ̈́͗̀ͧ͘͏̷̰̹̖̖̟̺̜̦R̢ͨ̊̌͛ͨ̏ͭ̇͆ͥͦ̍ͣ́͏̛̮̪̹'̌ͥ͛͛̽ͫ̏̾̈ͥ͐̂͋̈́̋̽͏̞̮͕͔͇͕̩͚̗l̵͗̋̾ͩͦͦͦ͂͛͗͘҉̵̨͈͎͕̪̗͉̭̳͇̬̰̰͉͕y̷̛͖͕̯̗̲̭͇̬͖͎̳̞̱̼ͫ̐ͤ̐̓̽̊̾ͣ͟ę̛̟̳͙̼͆ͥ̆͆ͪ̋̓ͥ̋̎̆̓ͬ̍ͮ͞͠h̛̔͋̀̍ͧ̎́̔ͤͯ̚̕҉͏̦͕̱̫̜̞̹͕͉̦͞ ̸̷̩̪̠̦̲̝̤̯̠̩͊͋̐̌́͟w̸̸̥̩̝̼̳̘̏́͌͌̔ͬ͒̄̄̌͠ĝ̨̻̝͎̗̩͖̙̺̲̼̪͋̅ͨ͆̿͊ͦ̒̓ă͇̮̰̙̩͙͓͔̫͚͙̗̩͍̼͉̋̿̽̋ͦ̔ͦ͐̑̋̌̇̾̍̆̔ͧ̊͠h̵͓͙͎̮̖̙̻̲͇̘͇̬͍̳̞͕͆̔ͦ͋̉ͨ̊̏̈ͭ̽ͬ̆ͯ͒ͨͩ͢͡'̴̵͎͍͚̣̥͈͉̣͋͐͐̿ͫͩͫ̓͂͋͒͋̉͑ň̦̜̼͍̫̼̝̦͕͍̣̥̝̰̘͔̙̺͛ͩ̃̔ͫ̈ͬ̚̕a̷̛̮̱̖̯̹͂͛̾̋͒͐ͮ̇̀̍ͨͩ͌̃ͮ̚g̵̨̞͚̻̲̈́ͪ̇̑̇̀ͩ̄̀́̍ͩͬ̅̕͟͝l̷̢̤̗͕̳̰͇̗̘͙̮̦̣ͯ̒͆́̈́͆͆̓͋ͧ̿͆̄̆̀̕ ͨͮ̅͏̮̺̫̻̠̗͢͞f̨̮̟̻̰̭̫͚̘̖̰̤̠̙̬͕̗ͬͧ̓̂͊̋͊̒̀͜͠h̶͌͗̓̈́̋҉̮͕̫͙͓̩̺͖̪͇͚̟͇̖̘̲t̗̞͓͉̞̱͚̯̬̀̄͋̓͒ͧ͋̅͒͋̅̃͊̔ͭ͝ͅǎ͑͋͆ͫ̌̏̄͐ͩͣ͏̡̦͓͙͎̻̹̠͍̹̠̥͍̻͙̠̞͎̕ͅͅg̽́̌ͣͮ̌̔̋ͦ͑͌͆ͤͫ̓̍̔ͨ͟͡͏̨̺̞͎̩̬̫̻͉̮̝̀ͅn̺̭̥̤͛̽͌̿ͭ̿̀̕͝!̸̢̯̬̺͔͐̽ͮ͑̈̓̉̚͝ ̶̧̣̬̠̗͈͚̫͓̬̻̤̋͑̀̈ͪ̇́̓ͪͫ̍ͧ̎͜I̺̘̥̺̤̤͔̩̘̻̬̳̽ͦͥ͆̐̅̏̽̌́͛ͦ̑̈́̑͆̀̕͠͡͡ä̶̸̬̻̼͕̳̝̫͗ͬ̍̑̃ͭͧ̍ͭͥ̋͆̚̕͠!̐̋ͥ̄ͨ̋̑ͮ̊͂҉͓͚̺͙̗̹̮̠͎̯̱͡͠ ̵̨̧̡͎̣͇̠͈̣̼͕̯̈́͌̆͗̑̿̾͊ͮͨ̑̕I̴̢̛̠̞̮̥̩̮̭̮͑̇ͭ̔̃͒͛ͫ̐̀̾͋͟͠ą̛͚͔͎̤͔̗̭̟̱̈̿͑̓̑̋̓ͣ͋̔̂̐̏̓ͦ́!̷̛̙̙̣͍͉͂́̉ͣ̏ͬͤͦ̃͟ ̢̡̻͖͈̮̠̮̹̯̝͖̻̫̩͓̜̌͑͛̇̎͋̿̽ͬ̑ͪ̇ͯ̐͢͞Z̞̗̱͕̩̦̝̲̟̥̾̈̑͋̔̉̋ͤͮ̇̋ͯ̍ͫ̏͗͘͡a̓̏̽̒̆̍̚͏̷̶̞̱͕͎̰̬̯l̵̸̛̖̝̜̫̣͓ͧ͌ͫ̀ͯ́͆͐̀͜g̸͈̳̞̫̑͆ͫͪ͛̍͝ͅoͦ̏̐̓̄̾͑ͧ̉̔̉͢͏͓̩͈̱̺̕ ̽ͬ̆́̒̊̿͊̏҉̢̭̤̱̱͉̗͔̜͢͡f͑́̌͊ͥ̍̈́҉̩̦̰̟̻̠̦̤̱͘͢ͅh̴̢̠̬͇͉̩͉̖̰͓͗ͭ̽͗͟͡t͔̞͓̦̜̦̖̟̙̭͚͚̲̪̓̆ͯͮ́̄ͥ̿̑̋̈̄ͨͧ̐̋̃̌ͩ̀͘ͅä̷̵͕͈̯͔͔̦͚̅͑ͬ̈͑́́g̛̥̳̬͉̠̩͓̖̼̭ͧ̇̓̿̕͟͝͡ņͥ͐̾ͤͭͤ̂ͥ̀̈͛͝͏̧̻̺̣̗̣̰̼͔̳̞͎̲͚̞̗͝ͅ!̸̸̢͙͍̼̠̞͛̂̑͗͋ͯ̉ͫͨͫ́͞

I wish I'd had the idea myself :monster:
Thanks Hito!

This part is my favorite.
"But those “feelings” and being “trapped” by the FF of the past are two separate things. If you make up your mind, “‘FF is like this,” then you can’t make FF." -Nomura

Finally someone who gets it. I've been saying stuff like this to my friends since FFXV started to get revealed. So many people claim that FF must be this or it must have that. People tend to forget that what makes FF is so memorable is that it always reinvents itself. Sure they screw up sometimes (Dirge), but I'd rather have that than some rehash. I'm glad Nomura embraces that spirit.


Tash for Short
Sailor Moon, Mini Moon, Hotaru, Cardcaptor Sakura, Meilin, Xion, Kairi, Aqua, Tifa, Aerith, Yuffie, Elena, Misty, May, Dawn, Casey, Fiona, Ellie
This seems more like a complete reboot to FFVII and it's Compilation all together, and here I thought they would at least add in scenes from Crisis Core, Before Crisis and Dirge of Cerberus to make more sense of the Compilation series and hopefully a new secret ending to match up the Dirge of Cerberus's Secret Ending to lead up to a brand new sequel.

But it's strongly obvious now that's never gonna happen. I wish I could speak to Tetsuya Nomura and ask him why they decided to make a remake instead of another sequel answering the resolve of Genesis and Weiss and how that would effect Cloud, his friends, Rufus and the Turks, and why we still aren't getting a full remake of Before Crisis.

I know I'm ranting like a child, but that's just me, sorry.:no:
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