Renaming Dead Accounts for the Sake of Active Ones.


Here's some Thoughts:

* 2-3 years sounds more reasonable
* I'd consider a minimum post amount as well, <10 posts made five years ago? Abandoned account, nobody will remember them. 1000+ posts? Famous and likely the person by then is Known under that name.
* I'd mainly only consider account renames for FF related usernames really. Shit like Xx42d4nkdr4g0nslayer1337xX is something I wouldn't bother with.
* Please stop dredging up old / ACF shit
* Impersonating someone else on purpose is a no-no


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idk if thats pointed at me but for the record im not attempting to dredge up old ACF shit here. It's a meme from our own Discord that relates to one of the bots (Denzel) and how I'm the one that killed it. It has nothing to do with ACF Geo, and as I pointed out earlier the Geostigma that was active here isn't the real ACF Geo.
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