Restructuring the Board (Your Thoughts)

The Twilight Mexican

Ex-SeeD-ingly good


The "Lastest Post" section on the right side of the forum dissapeared.
It's at the very bottom of the board atm.

Yeah sorry I should have posted about this - I can basically rearrange/ add/ remove those widgets to the right and bottom as needed/ wanted. I know people might be used to "latest posts" being on the right but it made more sense to me to move it to the bottom, however this wasn't just a snap decision - with the removal or merging of various old boards we basically had widgets extending the length of the screen and leaving dead space on the left, hence I had to choose something to move to the bottom. It made sense to me to do "latest posts", because they tend to be longer than profile posts and this way you can see more :3

I can always move it back and replace it with one of the others if people don't like it, but it was the longest widget as a sidebar so this is a better fit in terms of conservation of space while keeping the page neat (ish).
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