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ResurrXion (Post-IvX X-Men reboot) [Marvel]


Harbinger O Great Justice

X-Men Red (Lead by Jean Grey) Team Lineup revealed.

• Namor the Sub-Mariner
• Nightcrawler
• Wolverine (Laura Kinney)
• Gabby (Laura’s sister)
• Trinary (a new Mutant)
• Gentle (a Wakandan mutant with super strength)

Also, I dropped off of X-Men Blue during the Mojo Crossover, because I couldn't be bothered as soon as I saw they introduced multi-dimensional entities at the end of the last Arc like BloodStorm, JUST so that they'd have people to kill off for the X-Men Gold crossover. I might pick it up again after, but Champions is still there for my Cyclops fix, so... *shrug*

X :neo:
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