Round table podcast ten years since a new numbered title was announced


Chloe Frazer
We're thinking of making our first round table discussion podcast around the thread topic It's been almost ten years since a new numbered title was announced made by Tets. So anyone can suggest questions to be asked about the topic during the podcast.

Anyone that wants to participate needs to have a good microphone, internet connection and a quiet place to record. Some people will be on webcam, this is not a requirement but any participant that wishes to do so needs to have a good webcam.

While we're looking to record this in the next 2 or 3 weeks, there isn't a date and time set for it. Mostly depends on the availability of the participants.


Ergo, V
Considering the massive change in cinematics from when ffxv was first shown and the end product. How much of a difference do you believe there will be from the ffvii remake trailer to the finished product?

With the fact ffvii is now known to be episodic do you believe there be significant changes in the plot in order to bulk up each dlc?

If dramatic changes to the plot are announced what is everyone hoping for/dreading?

Going on from the known FF remake what type of FF game would you like to see released in the future?
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