Sephiroth vs Yufi


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Kuroshu / Kuroato
Any Special Request for in game battles, or visuals?

Current in game NPCs are Yuffie, Rufus, Tifa, Sephiroth (that i've i discovered so far)

chances are they will wup me! lol I've been able to kill Yuffie alone, but the others i may need help! they are tough!

o by the way... since this is mod, you will still see light sabers lol! and other star war characters playable... i tried removing them but it just broke the whole game and server, so i had to leave it alone.


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Lol at Sephiroth
when he drops like a plank of wood..

Rufus versus Tifa would be a pretty nice one to watch
because she's hawt.
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