Set Sail for Fail: Reviewing Airborne Brigade

The Twilight Mexican

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I confess that they almost had me for a second with stuff like this:

But then I remembered the crap battles and got a good look at "Sector 8":

I'm back to my senses.

Also, I realized that it's really odd which Jenova boss this event is focused around. Why are we fighting Jenova-LIFE? Why not BIRTH or DEATH? Or especially SYNTHESIS?

By the way, as you might have guessed, I've learned how to take screenshots with my Droid Razr. Wish I had known how when I was writing the review.

Selphie Tilmitt

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Found it! :monster: Sorry for this blast from the past but FF Brigade continues to get showered with updates over the months etc, at least if I have the right game, there's been a flood of updates recently for Christmas, New Year, etc. Highlights include an Aerith event series with the Cloud/Aerith date, also something from the church about Cloud and/or Aerith smiling, Cloud finally smiling or Aerith smiling till the end, and also the Cloud/Aerith farewell from the forest dream thingy, but also recently for New Year a new Cloud card w/th Tifa assist, so Cloud/Tifa shiny, and also this year, remember they did that thing on the official Square Enix forums for favourite FF male/female character in general, well they did something like that for Brigade, a favourite FF female character Brigade thingy, they had a banner with Lenna, Rydia, Aerith, Terra, Rinoa, Yuna and Lightning, then they ran the compo, if people remember right the winners from the forum thingy the other year were 1 - Lightning, 2 - Aerith, 3 - Yuna, 4 - Tifa, etc but for the Brigade thingy this year the winners came in and the results were -

1 - Yuna
2 - Lightning
3 - Tifa
4 - Aerith

Don't know the rankings/results after that but the data is probably out there somewhere :monster: Then there was another banner with the top three on podiums :)
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