Sites for finding video game collectibles?

I am familiar with eBay, Amazon, Play-Asia and some Swedish trading/selling/auction sites, but then my list quickly ends. My googling must be weak because my searches turn up empty. Know any other sites where I might find some good items, particularly of the rare kind?

I've been looking for the "Dirge of Cerberus - β Version" disc, which was released in September 2005 for a select group of fans to try out the Multiplayer before the official launch on January 26, 2006. If somebody could help me find a copy of it I'd be immensely grateful!



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I would suggest checking Yahoo!Japan auctions every now and again. You find some pretty good gold nuggets there for a decent price, just type in the game name in Japanese and it should come up. I did a quick search now and couldn't find the beta version but it doesn't mean it won't come up.

I also tried playasia, which is more recent stuff, as well as CDJapan which has some obscure stuff sometimes, neither which turned up results.

I'll keep an eye out for you though <3
Thanks Channy, I appreciate it. :properhug:

Yahoo!Japan did at least help me find a few more blogs about the Beta Multiplayer. :monster:
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EDIT: I posted this without reading first. I did read, and I'll keep an eye out for you. If your still interested, original post below...

If you're looking for the Final Fantasy XII Potion with collectible card or the Final Fantasy XIII Elixir with Trading Arts mini I have one of the former and two of the latter for sale. I'm only asking $10 on eBay, plus shipping and handling. Let me know if you are interested. :)
The FFVII Toshiba DVD is once again on sale. Quite the steep price. 3000SEK (334.67 USD) more expensive than what I bought it for. The sale ends in two days!

Of mild interest to me is also this Square Enix in-store promo DVD Dissidia/Final Fantasy IV/Dragon Quest Monsters 2 and the Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within teaser trailer original 35mm film reel. The former interests me because I would like to rip the Dissidia trailer so that I might have a higher-quality version of it than exists online, but I'm not quite interested in Dissidia enough to part with even that small amount of money for the item.
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Holy sh*t dude this is really interesting and the sale ends in 16 hours! :O

Dissidia Final Fantasy ~ Pre-Production PROMO &#8211; Sony PSP
You are looking at the pre-production promo release of the game Dissidia: Final Fantasy by Square Enix for the Sony PSP and you can see at the top where it says &#8216;PRE-PRODUCTION - NOT FOR RESALE&#8217;. This is build Version 0.02, the Creation Date is 01.07.2009 and the Product Code is ULET-01271/0.02. I&#8217;m not that familiar with the original game so I don&#8217;t know what changes there are from the final build. (It&#8217;s interesting to note the spelling mistake in the title &#8216;Dissida&#8217;, which of course was corrected for the retail release.) This does come from the UK, but as PSP games are region free I would expect it to be playable on any PSP console worldwide.
If this truly is an earlier build just think of the differences you might spot between this and the official release!


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Preproduction game for 60 bucks? That's not bad at all actually.

But yeah, that DVD is off the charts. xD It's always like that whenever I see it
Didn't realize until yesterday just how much the dollar has increased in value since I bought the FFVII Toshiba DVD in 2012.

When I bought the DVD in 2012 for $1500, it equated to 11400 SEK (Swedish currency). Today, $1500 equals 13394.4 SEK. So that's almost 2000SEK more expensive. In today's value, 2000SEK equals $224.

I can now appreciate even more what a good deal I got. XD On to a DVD that may be of interest to hardcore Nobuo Uematsu fans.

- Nobuo Uematsu fanclub DVD #5 promo-only Final Fantasy soundtrack documentary

- Nobuo Uematsu fanclub DVD #6 promo-only Final Fantasy soundtrack documentary

On offer today is Nobuo Uematsu Offical Fanclub DVD #6 titled "Nobiyo and the Incredibly Deep Voice." These were issued around 2008 by Nobuo's official fanclub in Japan. In the first year, the club was run by Square Enix and was called "Nobiyo's Tail". After that, it changed to Nobuo's own company (Dog Ear Records) and the name changed to "Relatives of the Dog Ear Family."

This is a essentially a tour documentary or video diary of Nobuo's work of touring and composing video game music. This DVD could only be obtained though Uematsu's fan club in Japan.

This is a R0 (region-free) DVD in NTSC video format, meaning it will play fine on North American players. The language is all Japanese.

Despite being a fan of Uematsu's since the 90s, I only discovered the existence of this fanclub a couple of years ago. The fanclub gave out a ton of obscure Nobuo and Final Fantasy music membership premiums over the course of its 3 years and I will be listing more of them for sale soon.

Item is used but in excellent shape. See actual photos below! This title is already extremely scarce, so Buy It Now before it gets snapped up!


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it's a nickname for him, wikipedia says it is based on his niece who couldn't pronounce 'nobuo' when she was little and said 'nobiyo' instead
Masashi Hamauzu (Final Fantasy XIII composer) Vielen Dank solo CD Japan import

Up for grabs is the rare Masashi Hamauzu solo CD "Vielen Dank" (authentic Japanese printing). This album includes both original compositions and piano rearrangments of Hamauzu's work for Final Fantasy X, Musashi, Saga Frontier 2, and more. This is the COMPLETE soundtrack; very hard to come by, even in Japan. As with all classic Square titles, this one is quickly becoming a collector's item, not to mention being scooped up by gamers who missed one of the best titles of the PS2 era.


Vielen Dank ("Many Thanks", "Thank you very much")
Tracks 01~11: original work "Im Abenteurgarten" ("in the garden of adventure")
Tracks 12~16: Musashi: Samurai Legend arrange
Tracks 17~20: SaGa Frontier 2 arrange
Track 21: Final Fantasy X arrange
Tracks 22, 23: original work
Tracks 24, 25: Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII arrange
Track 26: Unlimited SaGa arrange


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The price has even come down to 280&#8364;... I'm honestly tempted. But I wonder, how often do these DVDs change hands, and what is the average sale price? Because the only person I can think of who would pay many times that price already has a copy. :P
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