Spoiler tags, badges, and questions?


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Got a few questions that i tried to find answers to but came up empty handed. Nothing important mostly curiosity and QOL things.

Is there a list of badges and what that are and how they are earned.

How to label a spoiler tag so it doesn't just say spoiler.

Is there a way to put multiple spoilers in a post under different tags.

I did find a list of the forum rules but it seemed harder to find than I thought it would be. Maybe these questions are all answered somewhere and im just a noob. If not maybe a mod or veteran could make a sticky thread thats easy to find with a list tips, faqs, and forum rules


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You can do this as many times as you like just make sure you use multiple [ spoiler ] & [ /spoiler ]
Just remove the spaces shown above and to create custom ones add spoiler=random text within your brackets.

The badges listing can be found in an older thread within feedback but mostly they are achieved for length of account, donator, staff, post count & community contributor (I think)


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And ex staff.

The "Jenova" badge ("Great Old One") used to be for accounts with OVER 9,000! posts, but today it's also given to accounts with a certain length, usually ~10 years or having been active on ACF (a now deceased forum where a lot of members migrated from). There's a thread, search for "Great Ild One" or some such :monster:

But yeah badges are pretty much reserved for staff, creators, donators and long time members.
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