Star Wars Battlefront (I & II)


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Is it any good?

I played the beta and thought it was all right, but didn't buy it soon as it was released because a) I've got far too many games to get through and b) I'm not entirely sure if this has a decent story (something which I'm always looking for). Might get it next year when it's half price, but I'm not in any rush.


I kinda do. (Bought it for my lovely partner, but she'll be gone for the next 3 weeks, so I can find out if I'm total shit at shooters or not during that time). xD

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For the record X, everyone is good at shooters, they just take a lot of practice (seriously, play lots and you'll feel like a pro in no time - it's frustrating at first but then oh-so satisfying).

And it's not like riding a bike. If you stop playing for a while you come back very very rusty (as I found out to my detriment when I played the Battlefront beta with Carlie and Joe).


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Real talk, Janina Gavankar is pretty hot imo

EA presentation kind of annoyed me though because they were like "we heard you, you want single player story!" and I was like "cool, I'm interested now show me some story!" but then it's like "aaaanyway here's twenty minutes of multiplayer shootybangs"


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Hahaha, I can see how that's kinda bothersome, but if anything I'm just glad ta know that it's there and that they have a big focus on it, and that they candidly talked about the feedback they got from the first game in all its forms. The multiplayer stuff DID show off a good bunch about them directly working based off of feedback and such.

To its merit, I'd rather uncover story stuff from the story itself most all of the time. I think that because they're bridging the gap between VI & VII that there might be some stuff that they hold back from revealing until later on – especially because of its connection with the book.

One of the things I really like that some people pointed out is that the Prequel era has LITERALLY never looked this good/pretty/real, and it's really satisfying in that respect. It'll be cool to see all of the eras and also get to dive in.

Personally, I'm REALLY happy about couch co-op, because my misses LOVES these kinds of games, and I'm just kinda ok at them at best, and we want more things that we can play together.

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