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The Final Fantasy XIV Thread [Current Patch Shadowbringers 5.2]

Heyo folks

I cleared Shiva savage last night. The clear video is being uploaded by one of my raid team so you can hear everyone screaming (and me going "...Jesus") shortly, but I wanted to call attention to the new Shiva theme because I remember when 2.4 or whatever released we had a chat about the Shiva theme and @Shademp didn't like it XD


I particularly like 2:08 onwards, I've been progging the fight for a few weeks and I never got tired of it. That's a big deal XD
Bits from 1:45 - 2:45 do appeal to me. But it's just a fact that FFXIV themes are very hit and miss with me. Also suspect that I'm a difficult flirt with FFXIV's boss themes because I still associate Final Fantasy music with the more oldschool style. Take for example the Alexander boss theme: On first listen I was all like "WTF IS THIS WHAT IS THIS DOING IN A FINAL FANTASY GAME" but then I became addicted to the theme for a while.

Same story actually with Otherworld from FFX, even though it's technically from an "oldschool" period. I can never stop feeling like the theme is out of place, but repeated listens did build appreciation.

Anyway, I do not desire to be a downer. Happy that FFXIV keeps pumping out new boss themes and that they dare experiment. *thumbs up*
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