The Nibelheim Incident: A Final Fantasy VII Novella

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Author of FFVII Novelisation
Hey boys and girls,

I realise I've not posted on TLS for a while, but if any of you have been following my FFVII novelisation project elsewhere online, you'll know I recently teamed up with community artists Crimson Sun and AJ Hateley of Gametee Ltd to produce a 200-page novella that retells the Nibelheim incident in its entirety, drawing from the original game, Crisis Core, Before Crisis and Last Order.

It was initially launched at the KupoCon event in Birmingham on 8th September this year, and is now available as a free eBook download in multiple formats, complete with chapter illustrations by Crim and cover art by AJ. You'll find all the details and files here.

It's been pretty well received so far, and this is what our very own Mage had to say about it:

“Mo skilfully combines the Compilation variants into one neat narrative without the pain of contradictory aspects which has frustrated many a fan, and leaves the reader satisfied… This is surely set to become a highly collectible piece of fan literature.”

I invite everyone to check it out, and hope you enjoy it.



S and G

Author of FFVII Novelisation
Here's a taster for anyone unfamiliar with the project, complete with Crimson Sun's art. It's based on the scene from Before Crisis that precedes the Nibelheim episode.


21st September
Shinra Headquarters: Department of General Affairs

Tseng’s eyes felt heavy as he stared at the monitor, watching the surveillance footage for the hundredth time. The camera had been hidden on a pillar at the southeast corner of the church, constantly recording and sending the video feed back to the Control Room of Shinra, Inc.’s General Affairs Department. Its angle captured most of the frail wooden pews, the old altar and the main aisle, but focussed primarily on the flower bed at the heart of the chapel.

And there, in full view of its covert audience, the enigmatic leaders of AVALANCHE were trying to persuade Aerith to guide them to the Promised Land.

Tseng knew the flower girl would reject their offer and escape the church with the help of his own colleague, but the image made him frown nonetheless. Six weeks had passed since the incident, and still he was deeply troubled by the terrorist organisation’s attempts; it felt somewhat personal. On another day, Elfé and Fuhito may have convinced her to join their cause, and years of his patient and meticulous work would have been lost.

I cannot leave it to chance. She is too important.

Aerith was an Ancient, the lone survivor of a race that preceded modern humans. She and her biological mother, Ifalna, had once been research specimens of Professor Hojo, but carelessness had cost the Company their prize captives, and Ifalna her life. The Investigation Division of the General Affairs Department – better known as the Turks – had been charged with locating the child and returning her to Shinra laboratories.

It was one of Tseng’s first assignments, and he quickly achieved what others had not in several years of searching. He could vividly recall the day he attended the house in the Sector5 Slums to ask the young girl to come with him. It was her destiny to lead the Company to the Promised Land, a land said to be abundant in Mako and other natural resources, and one that could bring hope and happiness to the people of the Planet.

Not to mention immeasurable wealth to our directors

But, just as she refused AVALANCHE, Aerith had refused Tseng. She was a headstrong girl, and among the most mysterious he had encountered while wearing the infamous black suit. Despite his recommendations, however, President Shinra had ordered the Ancient be observed and protected, but no more. He sternly believed their Neo-Midgar Program would have little success without her full and willing co-operation.

It was Tseng’s duty as a Turk to obey, and so he continued to wait for an opportunity to present itself.

A sudden vibration in his breast pocket brought his wandering mind back to the present of the Control Room. Cursing himself, he paused the surveillance video, and plucked the portable terminal from his suit jacket. It was early morning and he was in dire need of caffeine, but as he read the name on the telephone screen, a sense of foreboding washed over him.

“Tseng here,” he answered.

“We have an emergency situation,” came Chief Veld’s husky voice, his tone the epitome of composure under pressure. “I’ve just briefed the Executive, and the President demands action.”

Tseng was instantly alert, rising to his feet. “What’s happened?”

“One of our regional offices is reporting that the employees stationed at the Mount Nibel Reactor have all vanished without a trace.”

Vanished?” croaked the young Turk. “How?”

“It’s yet unknown,” Veld replied grimly, “but it’s serious enough to send SOLDIER. The Turks are to scout ahead, though. Who do we have in the area?”

“Heidi,” said Tseng, quickly calculating the geographical variables. “She’s currently at the airbase north of Cosmo Canyon.”

“Good. Dispatch her to the site at once.”

“Sir, isn’t that the facility where-?”

“It is,” Veld cut him off, momentarily revealing a hint of apprehension. “As the Company’s first Mako Reactor, it holds a degree of historical significance. But, that’s not what has the Executive concerned.”

“I understand perfectly,” confirmed Tseng. Moving his fingers swiftly over the keyboard, he pulled the world map up on the main screen. A pair of pulsing red dots on a vast mountainous area of the Western Continent marked the Reactor itself, as well as the local settlement of Nibelheim. “We’ll make sure the secrets of that place are not discovered…”

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Might be genuinely blind but is there a way to buy a physical copy as opposed to the pdf/kindle editions? Would love to show/read this to my daughter :P


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imagine being so obsessed over your own work as a simple fanfic and present it as if it's anything less.

said no-one ever :monster:

i'm really happy for you^^ i just hope you don't somehow get into any legal troubles with S/E. good luck at the con!
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