The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


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It'll take me even longer, it's on hold until I clear Arkham Knight.


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I'm not buying Arkham Knight until I've finished this, and I think I'm no where near finishing this yet. :monster:

I'm currently level 20 and searching for Witcher gear in the Skelligan Isles. I regretted playing on Death March (Very Hard difficulty) initially but now I'm glad I did. Beating monsters feels like much more of an achievement than it would have on easy mode.

I told Triss I love her, told Yen I don't.
I'm curious to what I've missed out on with Yen but that can wait for another playthru. :wacky:

To anyone on the fence on this one it's worth getting. :)

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Pfew! Finally kicked Eredin's butt. Took me long enough to finish this game (although I prefer to take my time in RPGs). It was really awesome. I think my favorite moment must have been the mini-quest about the allgod :D


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I only just finished the Bloody Baron questline and I've clocked 30 hours. I get a feeling I'm not even that far into the game either. Good grief.


Well hello thread

I just finished TW3 for the first time. I've been playing it on and off for the past year. Just in time for 2021!


Now I can go back to playing Cyberpunk without feeling guilty :monster:

(I am coming back to do the DLC at some point though)

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I am also in the thread. I really enjoyed that. I clocked 70 hours over two months doing a fair few of the sidequests, but I knew that I'd want to come back for a second run so I wanted to leave some of it to mystery at least.

It was a game that somehow managed to escape my consciousness for a while but I'm very glad it was recommended to me. It felt like a classic RPG but with a modern approach. To start with, I found it hard to do more than an hour at a time but once I got a little more immersed into it, I was really wanting to plough the story and do the sidequests I considered to be most interesting. The scale of it was impressive and visually it stood the test of time given we're five+ years on from release.

More please.

Jimmy XH

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I really should give this another go. Does it have an Easy mode or something? :P

It does indeed. I went in on the default moderate setting to have a bit of a challenge and made plenty of foul-ups on the way, but I didn't find any of it excessively difficult on that setting.

I didn't want to use any hints and tips first time round but I'll certainly be looking to be ploughin' through the next run with a few handy pointers from the internet.


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Gwent was awesome as a minigame and I think they really missed the mark with the standalone.
Some of the pro Gwent player videos on YouTube are ridiculous.
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