The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

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I'm not buying Arkham Knight until I've finished this, and I think I'm no where near finishing this yet. :monster:

I'm currently level 20 and searching for Witcher gear in the Skelligan Isles. I regretted playing on Death March (Very Hard difficulty) initially but now I'm glad I did. Beating monsters feels like much more of an achievement than it would have on easy mode.

I told Triss I love her, told Yen I don't.
I'm curious to what I've missed out on with Yen but that can wait for another playthru. :wacky:

To anyone on the fence on this one it's worth getting. :)

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Pfew! Finally kicked Eredin's butt. Took me long enough to finish this game (although I prefer to take my time in RPGs). It was really awesome. I think my favorite moment must have been the mini-quest about the allgod :D


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I only just finished the Bloody Baron questline and I've clocked 30 hours. I get a feeling I'm not even that far into the game either. Good grief.
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