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I really hate Ciri and/ likewise I really hate her actress. She seems like a real bitca and she bothers me.

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Maybe this happens a lot in these kinds of shows and I've never noticed, but for some reason it stuck out when 2 people would haggle over a price and then the guy paying would just throw a bag of coin that just happened to be for that exact amount.

It was entertaining, but it wouldn't make any of my lists. Cavill was great.


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Didn't rate the casting for the most part but thoroughly enjoyed the show itself.
Netflix and anime on the other hand never go well and I'm wary that they will fuck this up big style.


See tbh I have dipped in and out of this thread having had no part in the Witcher franchise at all throughout the past few years - I too really thought this would be a stinking mess because I've never actually seen a decent game adaptation (even though this is a book adaptation, I know).

I thoroughly enjoyed it. I started playing The Witcher III in January, then I decided to watch the Netflix show a few hours in. I honestly think Henry Cavill nails Geralt? And it was interesting to me to find out that he actively pushed to get this role because he already loved the story and played the games etc:

I can't help but feel a bit shitty for him now with all the vitriol that was spouted in the lead up to this release. The reviews are pretty decent, but I think importantly the fans have done a complete 180 on Cavill as Geralt since this came out. I genuinely think he does a good job, and I really enjoyed the first season. If nothing else it gave me some neat backstory while playing Wild Hunt for the first time.

I feel like we're maybe all a bit pre-disposed to go "eugh no don't touch my stuff" when it comes to the media we like but I'm a total outsider in terms of the Witcher fandom so maybe my opinion counts for shit in that regard. It did look shit at first, with that pre-production screen test shot of Cavill as Geralt and stuff.

The main thing that is an issue in the first season is the unexplained time skips all over the place. It's not obvious unless you're really paying attention, and there are some choices that lead to inconsistencies (some characters don't age and they shouldn't, some characters don't age and they should) and the only reason none of that bothered me is because I went in having read a review that explained the time jumps properly. It was a weird choice to not even have title cards that say "X year" to at least indicate we're jumping backwards and forwards in time, but it's coherent enough if you know that going in.
I just finished watching this last night after finishing the Alienist last week. I don't have a dog in the fight of the Witcher franchise however I really enjoyed it and already looking forward to Season 2.

I've seen far to many of my favourite tv shows / films go to the wolves over the years to get all that invested in things but this, I enjoyed.

I can't lie, I still have the Bards Coin song stuck in my head.

8/10 Would recommend.


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First two episodes I was in doubt about the series quality...

By the end of it I was screaming Oh Valley of Plenty ramdonly in the streets.

The show can still improve, you can feel the potential but the characters are so charismatic already, they really won me over, especially Yennefer.

Soundtrack is also pretty good, and one of the composers is ticinese (aka from my region), so it makes it extra awesome.
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