TLS 2011 Awards


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01. Best Male Member: dacon, kimble, alex, road
02. Best Female Member: adri
03. Best Site Staff: who?
04. Hottest Female: adri
05. Hottest Male: joe, alex, road
06. Nicest: everyone (expect adri)
07. Meanest: adri
08. Funniest: alex
09. Best Avatar: dacon
10: Best Signature: V
11. Most Predictable: vendel
12. Most Likely to get Banned: username
13. Most Improved: who cares
14. Best n00b: mumble
15. Best Quality Poster: alex
16. Biggest Drama Whore: kimble
17. Most Annoying: mumble
18. Most Helpful: who cares
19. Most Knowledgeable about FF: who cares
20. Most Active: as above
21. Most Missed: joe
22. Member You'd Most Like to Meet IRL: joe, alex, mumble, dacon, adri, bex, kimble, road and aaron
23. Bounciest Boobies: alex (cause he's fat)
24. Most Pistoning pen0r: dacon
25. Least Likely to get an Award: me


Satsu, BRIAN BLESSED, MIGHTY AND WISE Junpei Iori: Ace Detective, Maccaffrickstonson von Lichtenstafford Frabenschnaben, Polite Krogan, Robert Baratheon


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Moved here because posted in wrong bit before, derp. xD

03. Best Site Staff: Claire Farron
04. Hottest Female: Celes Chere/ little Sister. Because she is; no matter what she says >>
06. Nicest: Claire Farron
07. Meanest: L
09. Best Avatar: Ace
10: Best Signature:

12. Most Likely to get Banned: Locke
13. Most Improved: Sice
14. Best n00b: Simba/ Big Sister
15. Best Quality Poster: Ariadne
18. Most Helpful: Claire Farron
19. Most Knowledgeable about FF: Ariadne
21. Most Missed: RIN Q_Q
22. Member You'd Most Like to Meet IRL: Ace, Raven Roth, Simba, Que, Spirites, Vivi.
23. Bounciest Boobies: Batman
25. Least Likely to get an Award: Alex Strife

36. Most Huggable: Aerbear
38. Most Likely to Post Drunk: Username
40. Most Pedantic: Ryu
42. Grumpiest Gus: Tifabelle/ Princess Garnet
43. Biggest Flirt: Tifabelle/ Princess Garnet
44. Shittiest Internest Connection: Anastar
45. Member Whose Paps I would Most Like to Shoosh: X- Solider damn that Zack avatar <3

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01. Best Male Member: Shademp, Mr. Ite, Tres, Satsu, Tetsujin
02. Best Female Member: looneymoon, Octo, OneWingedDemon, Tennyo
03. Best Site Staff: Shademp, X-Soldier
04. Hottest Female: Sprites, Octo, Rinoa, RavenRoth, Mage, Geostigma, Raidou
05. Hottest Male: Mr. Ite, Mog, Masamune
06. Nicest: Tennyo, Serah Farron, Alex Strife, Glaurung
07. Meanest: Dacon (and he wouldn't have it any other way)
08. Funniest: Octo, Mage, Cthulhu
09. Best Avatar: Gabriel
10: Best Signature: crack (link)
11. Most Predictable: Anyone who posts in the LTD :monster:
12. Most Likely to get Banned: Mumble (ohtoolate)
13. Most Improved: Sunny, Gabriel
14. Best n00b: Aithex/Atomza, arfurido
15. Best Quality Poster: Tres, Aaron
16. Biggest Drama Whore: Sunny
17. Most Annoying: Username whores :monster:
18. Most Helpful: Cthulhu, Shademp, Serah Farron
19. Most Knowledgeable about FF: Tres, Mako
20. Most Active: Celes Chere, Aaron, Ryu, Tifabelle
21. Most Missed: Isabella, Munatik, Oryx, Goodbye Charlie
22. Member You'd Most Like to Meet IRL: Octo, Sophia/Tifaeria
23. Bounciest Boobies: Sophia/Tifaeria :awesome:
24. Most Pistoning pen0r: Mog, Dacon, Aaron, Ryu
25. Least Likely to get an Award: $$rifsDuts, 2infang23, best6i9r5, Ullathorne, solargardenlight35s and many more! :monster:


Octo, Octorawk, Clarky Cat, Kissmammal2000
Ok so here is my list with some ommisions because I'm not intergrated enough to go upsetting people to their faces :monster:

I've got a horrible feeling I've left some people out of the best Noob category, so apologies :(

01. Best Male Member: Masamune, Tres, Shademp
02. Best Female Member: Mage, Liz Lemon
03. Best Site Staff: Xsoldier, Force, Tennyo, Aaron
04. Hottest Female: Mage, Sprites
05. Hottest Male: Masamune, Alex Strife
06. Nicest: Mog, Alex Strife, Scias, Glaurung, Licoriceallsorts
07. Meanest: REDACTED
08. Funniest: Yop, Liz Lemon
09. Best Avatar: N/A
10: Best Signature: Scias
11. Most Predictable: REDACTED
12. Most Likely to get Banned: REDACTED
13. Most Improved: Sunny
14. Best n00b: Vivi Orunita, Aithex, Ramza Beoulve,
15. Best Quality Poster: Tres, Aaron, Shademp
16. Biggest Drama Whore: REDACTED
17. Most Annoying:N/A
18. Most Helpful: Tennyo, Force
19. Most Knowledgeable about FF: Shademp, Ryu, Tres
20. Most Active: Dacon, Celes
21. Most Missed: Fairheartstrife, Mitch Connor, Cloud S
22. Member You'd Most Like to Meet IRL: Masamune, Mage, Licoriceallsorts
23. Bounciest Boobies: Masamune :awesome:
24. Most Pistoning pen0r: Tres, Ryu, Fairheartstrife, GymLeaderDevil, Vendel
25. Least Likely to get an Award: Some random spambot. (damn you Masa!)


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01. Best Male Member: Dacon
02. Best Female Member: Brooke, Tennyo, Ryoko
03. Best Site Staff: Shademp,
04. Hottest Female:Ryoko, Vriska, Tennyo
05. Hottest Male: Mr. Ite
06. Nicest: Tennyo, Alex Strife
07. Meanest: Dacon
08. Funniest: Octo, Mumble
09. Best Avatar: Maccaffrickstonson von Lichtenstafford Frabenschnaben
10. Most Predictable: Locke
11. Most Likely to get Banned: Yes, Yes I know he&#8217;s constantly banned but Username just for sheer persistence, Locke.
12. Most Improved: Litchi
13. Best n00b: Vivi Orunitia
14. Best Quality Poster: Ariadne
15. Biggest Drama Whore:Anyone making drama???
16. Most Annoying: Locke
17. Most Helpful: Shademp, Tennyo, Aaron
18. Most Knowledgeable about FF: Ariadne, Shademp
19. Most Active: Celes Chere, Dacon, Aaron
20. Most Missed: Mantichorus
21. Member You'd Most Like to Meet IRL: Octo, Ryoko, Omega, Litchi
22. Least Likely to get an Award: Anyone not nominated :monster:
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