TLS Awards 2011 Discussion Thread

From what I've already seen of these I want to make one suggestion for next time.

People should only be allowed to nominate one person per category. Look at how many options are in each one this year compared to last. Nominating is suppose to be like saying "I'd vote for this person", so they are added to the list. Since you can't vote for more than one person, there are going to be lots of 0-1 votes for people because the person who nominated them to begin with voted for their actual first choice.

That's all. Please don't say I'm taking this too seriously because part of this is that it would make sure people weren't missed as easily as well.
I agree. Aaron said he would prefer to keep the multiple nominations for categories that a lot of people deserve to be nominated for. And that's true too...but the thing is only so many people vote. If we spread it out too thinly we're gonna have like 5-way ties with two votes apiece.

Also another reason I think people stopped PMing me nominations is that they figured everyone was covered in the laundry list nominees people were putting up. I think more people would nominate if there was a cap on how many you could for each category - even if it were 2 or 3.

This is only my second year handling the nomination phase, and this year there were a LOT more nominations then there were last year, like you said, since the multiple nominations really took off this year. Because of that I think that's why it got away from me a bit, as the method I used last year wasn't really suited to so many. I do apologize and I've already designed a new excel template and know what else I'll change. I would like to try to do it one more year and if I screw it up again someone else can take it.

Now, if there's a category you REALLY think got fucked, I wouldn't be opposed to deleting it, recreating it and making a forum-wide announcement for do-overs. However, my only hesitation with that is getting a flood of new nominations that people now want to put up that they've seen the list when they had a month to make their nominations already. As stated, if we get a poll with 30 options over half the group is gonna be tied with one vote in all likelihood. I'm open to suggestions for how to handle it.
I think at this point it would either mean redoing everything and adding that rule (and going through a nomination phase again) or just leaving them as they are now and just learning from the experience for next year.

As you said, if you start changing them everyone's going to want them to be changed.

I'd still only go for 1 nomination for each because ya it's nice to get a nomination but if no ones going to vote for you because the 1 nominator has someone else already to vote for it kind of sucks some of the fun out of it. I enjoyed the close races last year wondering who was going to win and things like MBrooke/FemJoe. :P


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MBrooke and FemJoe rule them all. :monster:

Also I still want to win best male this year so free noodspictures of me thanking you to all who vote.
I thought of possibly another idea if you wanted to help eliminate the massive amount of people to vote for this year.

Have the current threads be like preliminaries, and if you get lots of really close votes like the hottest female last year, then another thread can be made with the top voted people for like a final voting round.

God I just realized why I care about this so much it reminds me of old-job work. :ego:


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Am I the only one who did not give a shit about any of this?
Yes. :P

I know I was nominated, but my name's not on any list :P But as I joined as late as October, it's only fair, really. I have to say though, it's fun to read the comments in the poll threads from you crazy people, so I'm glad you're doing this :lol:

I didn't write nominations myself because, new and all. But I'll vote, definitely.


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This is a problem with your current name?
My *first*, not my username on an internet board. :P

Example: went for haircut. Had to repeat my name to the woman doing it FOUR times before she managed to get the whole thing out, and even THEN it was butchered. I just gave up and said 'yeah sure, that'.

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i feel brooke deserves to be the honorary mayor of tls all agreeing raise their hands


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I have no problem with putting a cap on the number of nominees, but one is too low. The simple fact is going through the member list to find people who deserve an award is difficult, and not everyone is going to bother. So the number of people that nominate is going to be a lot lower than the number of people that vote (I am speaking from experience here; this has always been the case in every single awards contest I have run), so it's only sensible to let people that nominate nominate more than one person per category. Furthermore, if nominators are restricted to only one nomination per category, it's quite likely that everyone who would have received votes will not receive nominations.

I'd probably set the cap at five or seven, but three is fine. Two is probably too low.

I would have absolutely no problem handling the nominations next year given the way things have been handled this year. I have run probably dozens of awards competitions in the past and I do not believe there has ever been a screw-up with counting nominations in any of them.


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Five or seven?? That's ridiculous. That's how many people were nominating this year, and it seems like a lot tome. I think two or three is more than enough.

And I really don't think Force should be kicked from the job. But if that's the case, I think I'd personally be most comfortable with maybe Brooke handling them.


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We're not kicking Force off the job.

Just giving him some... positive staff development and reinforcement along with vacation time. :awesome:


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I think only like ten people nominated this year. Meanwhile, several categories have received like thirty votes. So when you consider that not everyone is going to bother putting more than one nomination per category, five nominations per category is not really that extreme.

The person who runs the awards is probably going to need to be staff because next year we're going to start the polls in the staff forum to make sure there are no mistakes before bringing them out in open view.
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