TLS Awards 2012 Nominations Round

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The Man, V
Five additional categories are being added.
  • Best Thread Starter
  • Best Thread Killer
  • Best Ass
  • Best Beard
  • Most Perverted
While I am strongly tempted to increase the number of categories by two more so we can have 42 categories, these will probably be the last new categories I add.

I will probably also rearrange the categories for the voting round, since these didn't exactly get added in an elegant order.


Chloe Frazer
Best Thread Starter: Road, Aaron, X-Soldier
Best Thread Killer: Matthew
Best Ass
Best Beard: GLD, Tres
Most Perverted: Every single person in this forum but since we're nominating, Dawn, Cassie, Ryu

Best ass is empty cause I need some pictorial evidence to make a proper judgement, I'm willing to offer mine as well if it helps.
Best Thread Starter: Aaron, Dacon, X-SOLDIER
Best Thread Killer: Username
Best Ass: Pictorial evidence required. Supply them.
Best Beard: GLD
Most Perverted: Masa, with his enduring love for the bodacious brood.
Gym Leader Devil, Death, Everybody's Grudge, Spike, Azathoth
Gonna skip this batch entirely, the only ones I really care too much about are beards (which I've already been nominated for as is my just due :monster:) and asses (which I have not seen). Perversion runs rampant around here, no true winner can be justly picked there.
Gym Leader Devil, Death, Everybody's Grudge, Spike, Azathoth
Nevermind that "I skip all this" post there, I'm now nominating Avec for best ass. May the best ass win!


~Heiress of Her Will~
Warrior of Light, Daryl Falchion, Dragonsoul, Dawnbreaker, Amy Pond, Cheryl Tunt
Will PM when finished. Will update when finished. A little wasted now. lol

Member of the year: Fangu, Flint
Best site contributor: Shademp, Lex
Best staffer: Aaron, Tres, Mog
Best quality poster: GLD, X, Ghost
Best newcomer: Avec, Leafe
Hottest male: Masamune, Carlos, Tets
Hottest female : Soak, Avecs, Fangu
Biggest Final Fantasy wonk : Force
Member you'd most like to meet in real life : Carlie, Fangu, Brent
"Wish you were here" Award (Most Missed) : Brent
The Phoenix Down Award (Best Comeback) : Munky
Best graphics (avatar/signature/etc.) :
Most entertaining/funniest : Tres, GLD
Most talented (art, writing, music etc) :
Most improved :
Most predictable :
Bounciest boobies: Tenny
Most pistoning pen0r : Tets
"Needs to spend less time on TLS" Award :
Best ship :
Most likely to get banned : Username
Most likely to be a Username dupe : Yop (wut, it would be hilarious!)
Most likely to be an applet dupe : Aaron (see above)
Most likely to die in the zombie apocalypse :
Most likely to survive the zombie apocalypse : Ryu, Satsu, Kii
Most likely to try to take over the world : Loki (and we love him for it!)
Most likely to save the world : Octo, Sprites
Most suited to be on Chaos' side :
Most suited to be on Cosmos' side :
"Least likely to win any other award" award : Vendel
Best drunk/stoner : Username (can I nominate a banned member? lol)
Most pedantic :
Most likely to poast n00dz : X (and yesssss!)
Most likely to be sexually active : Soak. I concede my crown!
Least likely to be sexually active : Aaron, sorry man.
Best Thread Starter : Thor
Best Thread Killer :
Best Ass :
Best Beard :
Most Perverted : Soak, Masamune
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