TLS Awards 2014: Nominations

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Chloe Frazer
Thought of a few more:

The Phoenix Down Award: Lana
Most Improved: Han Solo, Joe (being more active), Kimble
Best Ship TLS OTP: TresStealer
Most Pistoning Pen0r: Joe (aka Joe's hypothetical male friend) :awesome:


Only listing the people that have yet to be nominated, my other choices are already in their categories (this is why I wait til late in the process, a.k.a. laziness :desu:

Member of the year: Dawn, Ghost X, Lic
Best quality poster: Dawn
Hottest male: Joe (Cullen)
Hottest female: Dawn
"Wish You Were Here" Award (Most missed/post more): Splintered
The Phoenix Down Award (Best comeback): Omega (may already be nom'd)
The TLS Art Prize: Ghost
Most improved: I will never understand this category
Sexiest voice: Joe, Meggy, Sprites
Best ship TLS OTP: Avengu
Best bromance: Carlex (me x carlie <3 <3)
Most pedantic: lol... ghost might take it this year flint!
Best .gif reply: Joe (Cullen)
Most likely to make the best tasting food: Fangu, Joe

Also remember to PM your noms to Aaron peeps <3
Jesse McCree. I feel like a New Man
Member of the year - Lex, Carlie, Ami, Marcus
TLS Lifetime Achievement Award - Mage, Octo, Yop
TLS Peace Prize - Fangu
Best site contributor - Lex, Flint
Best staffer - Aaron, Yop, Cookie Monster
Best quality poster - Cabaret, Noxie, Soak
Best newcomer - Kikki
Hottest male - Carlos, Marcus, Lex, Road
Hottest female - Cabaret, AvecAloes(Aloevera), Unlucky, Fangu, Dawn
Nicest smile - Dawn, Mage, Octo (Have you seen that sultry pink haired smile? MY GOD), Aaron, Yop
Biggest overall FF wonk - I don't know I never wander around TLS much, I would say Lex because he shares my wonk for FFX Love. Lex
Biggest non-FF geek - N/A
Member you'd most like to meet in real life - Mage, Octo, Fangu, Aaron, Carlos, Sprites, Dawn, Yop, Cabaret (Oh so fucking much), Shademp, Alex Espaniol, Lex, All Scottish people in TLS because they're
, Sprites, GLD
Member you'd most like to bone - Dawn, Mage, Cabaret
Horniest member - Dawn
Best drunk/stoner - Dunno. N/A
"Wish You Were Here" Award (Most missed/post more) - Munatik. Dacon. Bex.
The Phoenix Down Award (Best comeback) - Cabaret
Best graphics (avatar/signature/etc.) - Gabriel
The TLS Art Prize - Howl, Ravynne, HylianMoglet
The TLS Literature Prize - LicoriceAllSorts, Ravynne, Skan
Most entertaining/funniest - Carlie, Dawn, Marcus,
Most talented (art, writing, music etc) - Howl, LicoriceAllSorts, Ravynne
Most improved - N/A
Most predictable - N/A
Biggest username changer - Me I guess
Bounciest boobies - Mexican Twilight, Carlos, Mage, Dawn
Best ass - Dawn, Mage, Sprites
Best beard - Marcus, Me, Mexican Twilight
Most pistoning pen0r - Carlos, Alex (Cool Spanish/Catalan Alex, not the asshole one), Shademp
Sexiest voice - Carlie, Ami, Soak (from my 2013 video convos)
Best ship TLS OTP - Cab x Shademp (my new years resolution is to stick with the community to find out more)
Best bromance - Me x Marcus (Groot and Rocket), Mexican Twilight x Me
Most pedantic - Ravynne
Best/most creative topic starter - N/A
Most fervent TLSer - Shademp, Lex, LicoriceAllSorts
Best .gif reply - Road / Cookie Monster
Most likely to need a swear filter - Me
Most likely to make the best tasting food - Mage, Ghost X , Jamie (Noxie)
Most likely to suggest award ideas they'll never win - Me
Least likely to win an award - Me
Most likely to go the extra mile - Lex, LicoriceAllSorts, The Mad King, Flintlock, Mexican Twilight


Pro Adventurer
I'd like to nominate Shub-Niggurath for Most Creative Topic Starter and Most Fervent TLSer. I'm surprised she hasn't been nominated for those categories already, as she's almost at the top of both of these lists.

Then I have some new noms for best ship: Fangster (Fangu x Cookie Monster - exhibit A, exhibit B), and finally... Sprexanghululock!


Return of the Dead-eye
I don't think I'm going to bother adding any more nominations as the additional folk I'd want to nominate have already been, so I'm happy to leave it at that.

@ Flint: IDK how the fuck that can be accurate at all; I rarely venture out of General (the occasional foray into Site, Forum, Staff and Projects aside). :monster:


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Just so everyone knows, I made my nominations already a few days ago, so I'm not late. :awesome: But for your information I nominated:

Celes Chere for hottest female
and Flint for the best ass.

I think it was time for me to make some nominations. After all I've been to this forum for nearly three years and haven't really taken part in these awards by nominating people before. :D


Factiō Rēpūblicāna dēlenda est.
The Man, V
Nominations are officially closed. I will begin posting the first voting threads in a moment.
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