TLS Community Survey (2018 Review) — get in here, if you please!!!

I’ve been wanting to make this survey for a while in order to assess several things: community cohesion, satisfaction with staff, and general thoughts on community events.

The survey is entirely anonymous and so your privacy will be totally guarded. I won’t even know who is who, so feel free to be brutally honest. In fact: please be brutally honest. This effort will be totally meaningless if folks only answer the way they think they’re supposed to.

Please, take the time to fill it out. I reckon it takes no more than 5 minutes, depending on your written answers.

I’m by no means a professional, but I’ve tried my hardest to make something meaningful based on survey goals and research. Nothing is required, but I’d appreciate it if you answered as much as possible and (again because I cannot emphasise this enough) honestly as possible.

Please, bug and share with your TLS pals and ask them to complete this survey. Thank you very much for your time!

It’s 4 in the morning and I’m an absolute nut. I worked on this all yesterday and this morning, surrounded by dear friends who would ask me what the heck I was so preoccupied with. I feel a bit bad. I broke my promise not to be on my phone on holiday, but this survey has been a fucking itch that I had to scratch, and I wanted it dealt with before the year was out. So here it is. I hope this will shed some light on things and help us strive towards an even better community. N shit. Love you all!
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Thank you everyone who has taken the time to fill this out—seriously!

My ideal number of participants was ~30, as that is a little under the number of participants who voted in when I was getting a feel for which badges the community wanted and the largest turnout for votes on this community in recent times has been ~55 when Lex was being voted in as admin. The numbers are out there—it’s just all a matter of getting folks to give enough of a shit to give me their input, I reckon. :wacky:

Anyway—so 17 folks have given input as of this post and so I’m halfway through my goal though I’m afraid things will start to lose traction at this point.... eep! Maybe I should lower my expectations to ~25. :wacky:

Regardless, assessing this information has been a rewarding experience, as it’s affirmed some things that I suspected were an issue whilst shedding light on others. I’m going to give a mini-report in a few weeks time (assuming I ever reach ~25 ⚰️) with a possible follow-up survey and my proposed game-plan for those most pressing issues on this forum (according to the survey).

You’re all treasures! Thank you!!

Also tyvm channy I appreciate yer kind words n shit!!
i hate bumping threads for visibility but dammit lmao.

i'm 2 whole persons away from reaching my goal of 25.

And this is important to me because I reckon that even less folks will respond to this follow-up survey which will shed light on something else that I want to gauge haha.

Basically, I very much regret not asking folks in the original survey how long they've been on TLS. This second survey is basically just the community section of the first survey but with that question added in (minus the forum question) plus more inquiry on cliques. Bim bam boom, should be really quick. If you would please do me the kindness of filling this out as well, I would be eternally grateful. I think I'm gonna aim for 20 participants this round given the nature of folks not wanting to be bothered too much or something (I knew the proper term in social statistics class lol).

Thank you all so much again! I'm excited about typing up this report. Hoping it will inspire a discussion n such. :megusta:
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