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EDIT: We have winners!

TLS T-Shirt Winner: Philco
Plush Cloud: Bone Daddy
Console Bundle (Grand Prize): Mr Ite

Congratulations and thank you to all the participants. :awesome:

Right, ladies, gents and :monster:, this is where you need to post if you want to be entered into the draw (if you're new here and want in, you need to make at least TEN posts elsewhere on the forum. You may make one in here though). Below are the terms and conditions, please give them a read just so we're all on the same page. This isn't a discussion thread because gods know there are plenty of those elsewhere on the board. :monster:

This thread will be locked on SATURDAY 27TH OCTOBER AT 8PM BST and that will indicate the close of the draw. The winner will be announced in this thread the following day.

The promoter of this prize draw is Mage (Addy Carver), and all responsibilities remain with her.

The draw is open to all members of The Lifestream forums who have made at least ten posts by the closing date of 27th October 2018. Everybody eligible MUST post in the thread where this set of terms and conditions are to indicate participation. Site staff are not permitted to enter but site contributors may if they do not currently hold a staff position. There is no cost to participants to enter this draw. All entrants must be over the age of eighteen at the closing date.

The Prize
The main prize of the draw is a refurbished original PAL Playstation console, a non-Platinum edition of Final Fantasy VII, one original control pad, one original Sony memory card, a copy of the official FFVII strategy guide, a Sony Playstation console bag and a The Lifestream branded t-shirt in the winner's preferred size. The prize also includes a power cable and set of TV leads. These items (excluding the t-shirt), are all around twenty years old and as such may have some marks or other signs of wear and tear. They are not brand new and do not come in boxed condition. The power cable is a British three-pin plug and may require an adaptor depending on the winner's location. If there is substantial interest in the draw, additional prizes may be offered, including copies of FFVII, t-shirts and other
merchandise selected at the discretion of Mage. All prizes offered include shipping to the winner's/s address.

Data Protection
The winner's/s personal details (real name, address, etc) will be nuked from orbit* upon receipt of prize. The Lifestream and forum do not use personal data for any purposes other than the running of the forum.

*not literally, I mean can you imagine the costs involved in that? Sheesh!

Draw Announcement
A winner/s will be selected at random from a list of members who have fulfilled the entry criteria outlined above. The winner/s will be announced on the forum and The Lifestream social media and will be identified by their current forum username only. The draw announcement will be made on the 28th October 2018,
approximately 24 hours following the close of the draw. The winner will be contacted via personal message (PM) immediately after the announcement to arrange shipping.

Mage will answer questions via PM regarding the draw, any queries with particular relevance will be edited into the post containing these T&Cs alongside a response.

By entering this draw, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions and agree to take responsibility for ensuring your power supply is suited to, or suitably adapted to utilise the electrical components of the main prize.

These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice but only if it is deemed necessary following discussion with site staff.

Right, if we're all clear and cool, you may go forth and POST!
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AI Researcher
hello, i would also like to enter. hito? who is hito?


(i actually feel bad about entering the first time, i just wanted to make a joke at tres' expense)
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