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TLS Ranks FF Songs — Quarterfinals Poll #4

Well whaddaya know, there's NOT a VII song in this poll?! O_O

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The Engineer
Liberi Fatali.

This feels a lot like the One Winged Angel/Roses of May poll. You've got a simpler song verses are more complex song and Umetsu can nail complex songs like very few composers can.


Pro Adventurer
Liberi Fatali; I agree with what Howl says about the songs and how they relate to moods, yet at the same time I just feel like Liberi Fatali is the 'better' piece (though I hate comparing two songs I really like in that way). They're both different themes but only one can go forward, so Liberi Fatali it is.
I could really go either way with this one, but I went with Terra because I feel bad it's getting crushed. With A Place to Call Home having gotten eliminated earlier, it's too bad that both versions of this theme are out.
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