TLS Ranks FF Songs — Round#2 Poll#8

Of the following songs, which 4 are the best?

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Last poll! Last poll! Joker or bust (idk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)!!

This is Poll #8 of Round 2 of the TLS Ranks FF Songs event! Please, limit yourself to choosing your top four songs from this list.

If you feel you absolutely must vote for a fifth song, you are allowed 1 Joker Card or a vote for one extra song PER ROUND. In order to utilise this “card”, PM either Flare or Fancy your fifth vote or go ahead and state your choice in this thread.

Song Links:
FFIX - Dark Messenger
FFXII - Dalmasca Estersand
FFVII: AC - Cloud Smiles
FFIX - Melodies of Life
FF: Tactics - Trisection
FFIX - Battle 2
FFIX - Freya's Theme
FFVI - Battle to the Death
FFVII: CC - The Price of Freedom
FFX - Mount Gagazet
FFVII - Those Who Fight
FFX-2 - Zanarkand Ruins

TFW ‘Cloud Smiles’ gets booted out of the first round but then comes back for a second chance kinda like the plot of advent children i guess lmao.
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Dalmasca Estersand, Melodies of Life, The Price of Freedom and Zanarkand Ruins. Honorable Mention to Battle 2 and Those Who Fight, if I had still had my Joker, I'd use it in this poll for sure. This is a strong group!


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Imma use my Joker in this poll and it's gonna be forrrrrrr....

Price of Freedom! :reptar:

Almost picked Zanarkand Ruins or Cloud Smiles though. I'm in a huge Zanarkand Ruins mood tonight but my choice is the on that elicits the most emotion from me (and also sounds really cool).


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If some people haven't used their Joker card yet, they have about 2 hours to use it for a song they've not yet voted for in Poll #7 or #8 before they close! :)
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