TLS Ranks FF Songs: Redeux

The Engineer
Put up mine.

One Winged Angel
Liberi Fatali
Dancing Mad
You're Not Alone
Clash on the Big Bridge
Still More Fighting
Main Theme (VII)
Aerith's Theme
To Zanarkand
Rose of May
Eruyt Village
Jenova Absolute
Terra's Theme
A Place to Call Home

yellow condom cid

i gotcha back, homes! 🤘🏾😎

So, turns out Liberi Fatali did, indeed, get knocked waaaaaaaaay the fuck down lmao. This is, again, our final list.

  1. One Winged Angel
  2. Main Theme (VII)
  3. To Zanarkand
  4. Aerith's Theme
  5. Liberi Fatali
  6. J-E-N-O-V-A
  7. You're Not Alone

Feel free to comment even further on them... :mon:
Don’t hate me but I forgot what Liberi Fatali was and uhhh... I may have voted it extremely low. My bad. I’ll do better next time. I’m ashamed. But it’s an amazing piece!

Personally Aerith’s theme is better than One Winged Angel, though I do love One Winged Angel. In fact, I even like this one more.. (but not more than Aerith’s of course)

Byeeeee have a beautiful time!
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