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Alright kiddies, it's that time of year once again. 2 days after Halloween and it's time to start thinking about Christmas! I heard a Christmas song today while I was out buying myself an electric blanket (bestinventioneverwhydidiwaitsolong) and wanted to pour acid into my ears. UGH.

And yes, the majority of this poast is recycled shamelessly from last year if anyone cares to check, which conveniently, despite my freakout of being one day late, was also posted November 2nd. Anyway, to the main point! :monstersmash:



It is tiem for our yearly Sekrit Santa festivities! Giving most of you (hopefully) a month in advance to sort out gift ideas (and to get me ur address). :kermit:

To those who are new (and we have A LOT more new members at this time than we did last year!): THIS IS OPTIONAL. If you don't want to sign up, or feel you cannot afford to because finances are tough, do NOT feel bad. Seriously.

HOW IT WORKS: make a post here saying that you are IN, and make a SHORT list of things that interest you, so your Secret Santa has ideas to go off of. PLEASE PM me or DM me on Discord your address afterwards, and then wait until the sign up period has ended for your message FROM ME telling you who your Secret Santa is.

To those who have already signed up for it, please PM me your address, and make a poast in here about your interests plz.

Reiterating from last year: I know finances around the holidays cannot be predicted, but if you want to partake this year, please make it known here and have your address sent to me by Saturday, November 17th.

Also, and this is mostly for the newer folks, PLEASE ONLY GET WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD. I shouldn't have to say this, but I will stress it anyway; this isn't a competition to see who can give the best gifts. Get what you can afford. Give from the heart. Or what's left of it after joining this . :wacky:

And to echo Joe's words from past events, homemade gifts are also incredibly awesome. :monster:

A word of caution before we set out mostly for Channy: PLEASE be careful of what websites you order your gifts from, particularly the Chinese bootleg kind. I know once you pay for things at these sites that the shipping times can't often be predicted, but let's try and avoid any scenarios of gifts taking forever (or never arriving at all).

Hope to see some great participants and gifts this year! Let's have fun!


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Count me in. I'm full up on Freddy gear, but horror stuff in general is welcomed. Aerith Gainsborough, Zell Dincht, Ryuji Sakamoto, Iori Junpei, and Napoleon (Fate/Grand Order) charms or accessories are welcomed. Or anyone that looks remotely genki/bara type. Caramel or coffee treats are nice. I am a sucker for spicy/foody perfumes from BPAL.

If anyone wants to go nuclear, a copy of Bloodborne or Kingdom Hearts 2.8 even used would be welcome given the PS4 I'm dropping major moola on soon.

Ooooor if you're an artist, art of my e-sona is welcome welcome welcome.


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I'd be down again. :)

I like raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens. Also, silver-white winters that melt into spring. These are some of the things I'm into. Oh and cream colored ponies and warm apple strudel. And doorbells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles. AND wild geese that fly with the moon on their wing are also some of the things I am into. :monster:

Alternatively, I GUESS I could also settle for

Anything FFX, XII, XV
Marvel stuff like Spider-Man, Captain Marvel
80s 'toons like Rainbow Brite, MLP
Drawing stuff? Markers/pens/paper/chalk
Cool enamel pins
Toys for my cat


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Okay I'm in. :awesome:

This year I've been enjoying Rick and Morty, GoT, having a PSP, genealogical research, British history (middle ages ATM) and lots of downsizing ready for moving. Also preparing for the zombie apocalypse here and there. I am also a large t-shirt size and will eat pretty much anything except sweetcorn.


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Appreciate the bump, I'm in! :monster:
Since Lex apparently lives near some kind of singularity during Christmas, just send his gifts to me and I'll take them up when I'm in Glasgow during new years. ;)

This year I've been big into My Hero Academia. I wear a lot of snapback caps, watch a lot of anime and drink a lot of wine that is red. :wacky:


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Count me in, once again.

Gaming Interests: Reno (and the Turks/Shinra in general, really, but especially Reno), Legend of Zelda, Mario, Assassin's Creed, Fallout
Non-gaming Interests: Technology of all sorts, crochet, geology (yes, I collect rocks, and yes, I love to get interesting rocks as gifts... LOL), terrible horror movies, zombies, terrible zombie movies... you know... the usual.


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Btw Kionae it's good to see you; haven't seen you on for a while!
I've been around, but I'm kind of swamped with work at the moment, so I've slacked off on posting. :)

@Kionae Did you mention rocks last year? I don't recall geology being mentioned or I'd have sent you a fossilised turd or an ammonite or suchlikes. :sadpanda:
Didn't I? I don't remember. I actually got my bachelor's degree in geology, though, so... yeah, more than a passing interest. ;)
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