TLS Speed Run Event [FF VII Remake Demo]

It looks like everyone has been enjoying finally getting their hands on the FF VII Remake demo and learning to perfect their understanding of the battle system and their runs. And people are doing multiple runs every day as they continue to dive deeper into the combat. So let's have a bit of fun with this!

Reckon you have it sussed? Finally getting a good rhythm and flow? Then let's see just how well TLS community can speed run through the demo!


The rules are simple:
  • Sign ups for participation close at 9 am GMT on Friday 6th March 2020
  • You then have until 9 am GMT on Monday 9th March 2020 to submit your speed runs
  • Speed runs must be submitted in private via PM to me - let's keep the fun and suspense!
  • In the PMs, you can link to your private YT uploads, Twitch streams, Clip renders etc...
  • All submissions MUST be a single clear run. No editing. Submissions will be checked!
  • Runs must be completed on Normal difficulty
  • Cutscene skipping is fine. You will not be penalized for watching or skipping cutscenes. The timer will be frozen during those segments.
  • Submissions can be with or without commentary. Commentary will be more fun in order to hear people's thoughts at various stages of the demo as they race against their own expectations and timetable - but without is perfectly fine as well!

Once all the submissions are in. A video and site article will be thrown together, highlighting various members during the different stages of their speed runs, and a winner revealed. By signing up you are of course agreeing to have yourself featured in some way!

So sign up, have fun, and keep your speed run times to yourself until the end of the event! :D (Though banter and trash talking in the thread to your competitors is very encouraged :P)

So come on community. Let's see just how well you can speed run through the demo!

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