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I would fucking kill for a This guy are sick shirt.
I have the one Pixel posted in 2015 :monster: I must have washed it 20-30 times and the quality is still great.

Re: RedBubble

I got a Large, but I'd get a Medium for this kind of shirt if I was to get another one. It's the kind of shirt that's fun to wear to the pub or something so it's nice if it's a bit on the tighter side. The pointer looks a bit funny up close but looks fine a few feet away.

Nice stuff, Pixel :thumbsup:


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If anybody going to kupocon can find a tshirt printing service that will do a bulk order of the "this guy are sick" shirts, you're welcome to print up a load, if you think they'll sell
Just for info's sake, applications for selling have closed for The Big Pom (Newark, Jan 29), but it's not too late for Mind the Pom (London, Mar 25) if anyone were to get on that.
^Assuming you're not messing around [mostly 'cause I'm going by the bits in the brackets], my 2nd post on this page mentioned if Pixel won't allow me to compensate him then I'll have no choice but to make a donation to TLS - and said money would be in your dangerous hands :P

I made the mistake of using "hands" to fit the description. Feel free to ban me if this post has been a waste of your time; I will understand.
I'm burnt out with little sleep and am incapable of reading things as jokes from now until 10pm :monster:
So they turned out a bit darker and less detailed than the art proof (I suppose was to be expected), but nonetheless considering they're just fun gifts for TLS and whatnot, so it's nothing too serious. We'll know what it means, and if anyone wears them others will be quicker to ask what it is (if they can't see it well enough from a distance - short-sighted folk like me :P).

I believe people were hoping to give some pin badges out while at KC? I'll bring a good few over to both events. I have 100 in total.

Because a gift for you guys, why not. These turned out better than the pin badges (helps that they are bigger).

I've only 50 of these, and I only plan on bringing only a handful to match near abouts how many of you here are going to each event.

I'd be happy to send either item out to TLS folk here on request. Just drop me a PM with your address and I'll post it. So long as that's all good, as:

@Pixel - it's your design on it, so I'm happy to follow any request you have on the remaining, and treat your requests as the final words.


The Pixie King
You used the old logo, thats probably why its not very clear :/ Not sure the new one would look much better though. The lines are too thin to look good printed that small.
I won't leave you out :)

You used the old logo, thats probably why its not very clear :/ Not sure the new one would look much better though. The lines are too thin to look good printed that small.
Ah bollocks, I'm a dope. :sigh:
The logo I saw a page or two back after badges was suggested was what I assumed was the latest one. Still, they look a touch clearer in person. At least it's not like anyone's selling or anything, but still would've been nicer to get clearer ones for whoever here gets one.


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Lex told me earlier that he's thinking of getting a TLS t-shirt for Mind the Pom, which is something I've also been considering. Pixel, would you be able to try out a couple of designs? I'd like to see "The Lifestream" text bigger than it is here, centred on the t-shirt, with or without the swirls from our banner. It might look terrible, of course – if it does, I might get this one instead, since I think that looks good at the smaller size.

I've also been thinking, should we have some TLS flyers to hand out at the event? Or a business card at the very least? We're bound to bump into some people who would be interested in the site or the forum, so it'd be handy to be able to give them something so they don't forget. :)


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I'd say go with the symbol design. Problem with the TLS logo one is that its not really high enough definition to look good any bigger. Im not even sure it looks good small either. I was going to order on to see how it look IRL, but forgot. The symbol one just has more of a clean, classic feel to it.


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Everyone else will pay the price. None shall be spared!

I'll pay you back Yop, if you actually want to do that. No obligations or nuffink.


Srsly?! What's the catch? Aside from my soul being tortured for eternity I mean.
Well err, yeah that, and something involving tentacles, and being eaten later than most, etc. Also again, just send me your shit :monster:. Or idk, a paypal account or something. T-shirts are cheap. Friends are forever <3

(or something sappy like that)


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All right, so an idea for the possible future production of shirts...

Found this website that custom makes t-shirt transfer designs for you... just the designs. You apply them to the shirts with either a heat press or iron yourselves. This could be an option as far as TLS shirts are concerned, that could be cheaper in the long run, and prevent any of us from just having a box of TLS shirts in the corner of our house. You only have to make as many as you need at the time, and just place an order for blank shirts ahead of time.

Just a thought.

I do plan on getting an actual heat press eventually, because now that I've got a Cricut machine I've got the urge to make shirts out the wazoo.
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