Uncharted Movie: Hollywood ruins another game

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Release in under a year? Laughable.

I wish this movie idea would go away, and we have 8 pages of reasons why it should have already. It's kind of like a comet that returns a little closer to earth every time. My stress at its approach is not assuaged by its mathematical improbability. I can see it in the sky.


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I have no idea.

Also, dunno if it's been said in here or not, (don't feel like going back) but I can I see Marky Mark as Sam more than I do as Nate. Maybe it's just because Sam has that greaser-feel to his character. :monster:
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They've run out of ideas to make new story films. What'd you expect?

Too bad the closest thing we're getting in getting an english version of the "Great Detective Pikachu" game is a live action movie that'll begin development this year which is gonna be another bombshell.

Remaking games and anime is bad enough, but well, we've seen what happened when they did "Prince of Persia: Sands of Time", and "Assassin's Creed".

The only movies made from games that are really good are the first two Lara Croft Tomb Raider films which I really enjoyed a lot. The rest, well, I just don't bother.
I really didn't think the the Prince of Persia movie was that bad. I mean it's being compared to the low bar of video game movies, but I remember having fun when I saw it.


I'm sure the script itself isn't garbage, and the movie itself will be okayish if you look at it purely from a movie perspective, but... it won't be the same, and it'd be kinda corny and all that stuff that usually happens with games-to-movies, even the decent ones like Tomb Raider and Prince of Persia. Maybe they're more enjoyable if you haven't played the games or aren't as jaded as we are :monster:


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i still think silent hill was the best game-to-movie adaptation (not perfect but still)

only the first one, tho

the second one can go rot


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I saw this guy's resume and the only thing worth a shit there is The Grey. This is the guy that did that super amazing remake of The A-Team, I'm sure the movie will turn out great.


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I should probably also mention I'm one of those weirdos who thoroughly enjoyed the Super Mario movie :lol:
why is this woman not banned yet

(i'm not being serious, obviously)

(i don't have a very strong attachment to mario so the movie didn't hurt me)


I also liked the mario movie XD. It has a childhood wintery feel to me. Probably because I watched it with my cousin a few times when I was a child and it was cold as fuck, or something.

I also liked Silent Hill, the Tomb Raider movies and Prince of Persia. *shrugs*

I mean, none of them are masterpieces but they're enjoyable enough to watch.


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I kinda liked the Mario movie when I watched it as a kid...but boy, is it a bizarre adaptation. They actually tried to make Mario dark and gritty and put them into a Blade Runner-esque dystopian city and shit. I think they actually had the set designers or concept artists from Blade Runner too. Or something.
I dunno, it did look kinda cool though.
I agree with all of that, but I still don't think this movie has a very good chance. The games themselves are based on the idea of playing through the tropes of adventure movies. Without the game part of it, it's just going to feel like an Indiana Jones ripoff.

And does this script still involve that "family theme" that guy kept going on about, or has that part been abandoned at least?
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