Unused Text Part 9 is now PUBLISHED

There is a saying: "Good things come to those who wait."

In this particular case, that saying is true. It has been fourteen months since Part 8 was published. For that I apologize deeply. No more waiting. Click the link below to see what unseen rows of text can be found at the start of disc 2 in Final Fantasy VII.

- The Unused Text Part 9: Over the Glacier and to Attack on Junon

Many thanks The_Kusabi, who acted in GlitterBerri's stead as the translator for this article. My hat off to you, excellent sir.

Disclaimer: The article is yet to be spellchecked, but I can't keep this feature from the crowd any longer. I apologize for my grammar mistakes.


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When the screen fades, accessing and leaving the menu will revoke the fade. The game most likely doesn't have a fade-scene where menu access isn't blocked, but I use a modded flevel.lgp so I can access the menu at any time.

So I think I saw the Cloud animation in the Northern Cave area when I last played through that scene. I remember taking note of it, but I didn't remember that it's something you can't usually see. Another place that looks interesting if you remove the fade is when Cloud first falls into the Sector 5 church-- although it's interesting because you see things you're not meant to see-- before models are re-placed and shown/hid.

Before I knew the contents of each Disk, and that FMVs took up most of the space, I always thought it was odd that the disk change wasn't after the first visit to Northern Cave. Because everything changes at PPV= ~999. The World Map completely changes, including the removal of the Buggy and Tiny Bronco, and most people's Talk-to line changes. As you said, it marks the biggest turning point in the game.
Agreed, but two things kept me from publishing the newspost draft I wrote earlier.

1) Indecisive about frontpage image

2) I might be so bold as to think that this newspost deserves to be on top for a longer period of time, which means I'd like to post this after the next Weekly Roundups, which was going to happen this Monday I think.

If somebody disagrees with the second point and thinks that I should just publish the newspost right now, I can do that. =)
Newspost made, but I am unsure where I should able to type in a "preview description" to replace the "Continue reading this story" blurb.


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"Excerpt", it's a box right beneath where you enter the text of the post.

'Excerpt' is a word we have no relation to in Scandinavia, eh. Had it said 'Summary' it would have struck you right away, I bet.


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I think most of us got from the visuals (or I did) that NIVL_B22 led directly to the Materia Cave or TRNAD_51.

I guess this is the official confirmation then, good work as usual. Whirlwind maze ftw.

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I finally got finished reading the whole thing. You did fine with the spellchecking, honestly. There's nothing in the spelling or grammar that jumped out at me as egregious (I don't concern myself with British vs. English preferred spellings as a matter of accuracy for articles like this), so good job, man.

One thing that did jump out at me, though, is this:

Elena comically rolls away from the force of her own punch when Cloud dodges it, but without an exclamation from her side (or the soldiers’) in the used script.

This gives the impression that neither Elena nor the soldiers react in the final version of the script, but the soldiers do:

(check around 14:15)

Anyway, very interesting stuff. This has been one of my favorite entries in the series.
Just letting people know that I am currently working on Part 10 and Part 11 in this series. Part 11 will end the main quest, with Sephiroth's defeat. After this, there will be more features left in the form of debug room articles and some miscellaneous stuff.

Here is a new video. Originally intended for Part 10, the Underwater Reactor material (and the video) will most likely be placed in Part 11. This will make the final article slightly longer than I desired, but at least Part 10 should be a little easier for readers to get through, once it is finished.

- Slaps & Submarines - FFVII Unlocked

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I just wanted to ask to Shademp if he knew approximately when the the next parts of the Unused Text series (10 & 11) will be published.
By the way: I can't wait for them! Great work, thanks! You're awesome!! :)
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Unfortunately I don't know for sure. It's up to Kusabi, my translator. I've contacted him again. My wish is to have both Part 10 and 11 published before 2015, but I can't promise anything, sadly.

Thank you for the appreciation. =)
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