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This dam site needs to grow some balls. Sorry but it needs to be said. Get back to what it used to be good at. Please go back to showing the logged in users at the bottom of the page and their status, depending on colour. The mods were colour based and I liked that. This whole website was better laid out before ffs, pisses me off. So much better back then compared to now.


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Normally, if you have any feedback that you're capable of giving without being a dick, you'd be welcome to give it or message staff about it.

However, given that you're not providing constructive criticisms, AND you're talking about the way that the site used to be with a user account that's brand newly created, AND you're triple posting... it's pretty clear that you don't really value being a helpful part of the community here and you're looking to low-key vent about something on the sly, with a duplicate account.

That's breaking three rules at once, this isn't the place for that, and enjoy your ban. Again.

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