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You look like you need a monkey

Renegade Cut addressing the recent outcry by some about the depiction of a female character's body in the latest FF7 remake trailer, and how it ties in with reactionary pushback against changes in social norms. (Content warning: images of police brutality and talk of sexual assault.)


Harbinger O Great Justice

More cool breakdowns on animation techniques being used in gaming.

AWESOME breakdown about Metroid's music.

And then this one on exposition in The Matrix.



Caster of Yore
Undoubly too long for many to watch but this is the only guy looking at the "Disney copied Kimba the White Lion to make The Lion King" accusations and how uninformed many of them are.

The Engineer
I can really sympathize with with not knowing where buttons are on a controller. It's one of the big reasons I've never bothered with console titles. I have enough problems with hand-eye cordination on my keyboard and mouse and I know where all the buttons on those things are... exporting that to something where I don't know where anything is either? Yeah... no...
Fascinating video.
This woman's experiences were mine exactly! Except that I've found my preferred kind of game and I'm sticking with it. I still wrestle with the camera. It gets me killed sometimes.
My kid: Mum, Zack doesn't have to walk everywhere. You can make him run faster.
Me: Oh my god, can I? How?
My kids taught me everything I know about games and even now I use them as my personal walk-throughs.
One of the things I've noticed is that my kids can simultaneously process all the information on the screen. I have to process it in a linear fashion, normally going left to right, one piece of information at a time.
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